At first glance, SurveyVoice looks like a regular paid survey site that generates extra income for free.

But is Survey Voy a legitimate and real way to make money online or is it a scam?

I tried the sound test myself and was surprised by the peak effect There are a few things you should know

This voice check will teach you all the points and warnings you need to know before signing up So if you decide to participate, at least you know what to expect

What is SurveyVoice and what does it offer on this site?

Survey Voice is a website that is listened to by many who are interested in paid surveys and has been around for quite some time.

But to be honest, I don’t understand why it took me so long to find out what this site has to offer, but I will explain it in detail in this review, so decide for yourself.

Survey Voice itself is not a research organization It is a total search engine However, it tries to match you with the correct search engine – or at least that’s what it claims.

This is similar to sites like PanelPlace and SurveyCompare, which both have access to survey sites.

I’m not a huge fan of the group I’m talking about, but in my opinion Poll Voice takes negativity to a whole new level.

Before we go further, let’s see what you can get by signing up for SurveyVoice

Option 1 – Paid Access to Surveys:

As mentioned earlier, Survey Voice offers are not prepaid This will only get you into the list of paid search sites that you can participate in

One big thing is that any legitimate search site that makes real money has very few search pages.

For example, as you can see in the image above, a survey site was posted on Swagbox Swagbox is the most popular survey site

However, the list is very short Only six records were found for the search sites I also can’t find any information to help me decide which site is best to join

You do not need to participate in polls to run for these poll sites Especially when the integration process is not as simple as other search sites, and can cause problems in accepting dirty content and I will explain that later.

How do you want to pay?

There are many ways to make money on a survey site It is important to consider payment before participating in surveys Personally, I prefer to pay for surveys through PayPal, but they are also used by other great survey sites.

However, there is no way to pay for voice search Just connect to the survey site and the survey site will pay itself, so you have to visit each survey site and register again.

In fact, the SurveyVoice FAQ section makes it clear that we do not guarantee payment for answers

So you don’t have to give survey voice Additionally, we cannot guarantee that the recommended options from Survey Voy will be delivered to the customer.

What actually happens after signing up for Survey Voice, I think there is no reason to join.

Can I get support?

After registering or asking a question, do you want to contact Survey Voice Support again and ask them to stop spam activity?

No, that is not possible The website does not contain contact information for voting for surveys Not even after registration Each organization has only one contact list and you are asked to contact them directly

When it comes to blocking calls and emails, there is no place to block everything

Voice Search FAQs clearly show what to do for each partner So it may take some time to lock the phone

It took me several weeks to unsubscribe from the many spam emails I received

Last decision

I think it is clear at this point that I could do without what Survey Voices is advertising.

Be that as it may, we should finish this survey by summarizing the upsides and downsides so you can get a superior outline before choosing for yourself.


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