According to Freedom Poll, when you go to their website, you can take a survey and get whatever you want.

But is Investigative Freedom a scam or a legitimate way to share your opinion and make good money?

Well, paid reviews are definitely a way to earn extra money and I’ve tried hundreds of sites.

But let me tell you now that this time it might not be what you think.

It’s not worth it, but you need to know exactly what you’re going to get to set proper expectations.

In my free survey review, I reveal all the details for you to see and judge for yourself.

What is a free scan? What does the site offer?

I started this survey based on my personal opinion and experience after checking the independence of the survey and comparing it to other sites I’ve seen on

I made a video to explain my freedom to search and address some of my concerns about it. You can also read the full comments below the video:

I always see people behind and behind the search page.

The research will not yield much information about independence. As far as I can tell, this website was launched in early 2018 to help people earn extra income from the comfort of their homes.

This section also discusses how to communicate with market research partners.

After visiting several search engines, I quickly realized what this meant.

When a site is published, it usually does not offer paid reviews. But if you are new to paid search, it can be quite confusing.

Notably, Survey Freedom’s front page has a box full of paid surveys.

What happens if I join?

When you first join Survey Freedom, you will be asked some questions to test your survey numbers.

So you answer some simple questions about your gender, how much money you want to earn, etc. Then you will be notified of the number of participants.

Who can participate?

If you want to access the freedom of the survey, you can access it from any country.

However, some of the recommended search sites are only available in certain countries.

No matter where you live, you don’t have access to a lot of search results, nor are you free to explore on your own.

Final decision

Find out what you can achieve with Survey Freedom.

You can use this information to determine if it is right for you.

Let’s finish with a quick summary of the cons to help you get a better rating.

pounds or pounds for weight

You can join for free

Only relevant search terms are recommended


Not sure what you will get
This means that you can earn a full income
Use the saved image as a reference
Uses saved images to represent employees
List of recommended sites for viewing
You can’t monetize the site itself
Overall, I have to admit that I don’t like survey aggregators like Survey Freedom. It only allows access to other search sites that require a login to participate and I think this is an unnecessary step.

However, there are many such sites, some of which provide good information and related listings that can give you ideas for adding new search engines.

What I hate about the free trial is that it’s not clear what you do before you join.

They make it look like you can make real money online, they make it look like you can make any money you want, and they use fake certificates.

I cannot recommend free choice as these are serious issues for me. The lack of privacy is a plus for me.

There are many open and transparent search sites where you can earn money directly on the site. For example, here you can see the best search sites in your country

All of these websites allow you to monetize directly from the website itself and are transparent about your monetization options.


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