SundayHut can be a good choice for an online store. Let’s make the 1st SundayHut a reality. Find out if is a scam or a reliable company for any online store by opening our SundayHut review.

Website Highlights

  • The site is called SundayHut USA
  • Email:
  • Parent company: Mercantilism CO. and the Ensky Company was banned
  • Product categories on your website: best sellers and all products Products featured on your website: Automatic Gravity Induction Salts and Grinding Machines. Handle cover, travel handle, colorful LED air lights and USB charging. An air lamp with a diode that emits light in four colors. Ten with a screwdriver. mini cube print.
  • Social Media Presence The social media image is not attached to your social media page.

What is

The online store claims to sell some of the above products. Before you decide to buy from this online store, there are a few things to understand.

Sundayhat has been listed as a problematic site due to the following information:

Contact information:

The parent company is registered as LANDBASE TRADE CO., LTD under the following registration with the United States Department of Agriculture. and appears on the Terms of Use page. Some scam sites and real sites use the same name.

Its parent company is LANDBASE TRADE CO., LTD. (during the audit) and Ensky Company was banned. However, you can change your address and name in the future, just as similar sites have changed your address and middle name in the past.

Special discounts and sales offers

Many units of the product range are listed on the Brobdingnazia discount sites. Scam sites often offer such discounts to lure people into their scams.

Reproduction of contents

Many other details about the site and its content are similar to many problematic sites on the Internet.

For recycling and exchange

Their communication policy turned out to be very ghostly and did not allow their customers to exchange or receive the product. As for the partnership, “the customer can return the product, but the original shipping cost will not be refunded, and the buyer will also have to pay the input charges.” We have found that these types of online stores do not allow returns or exchanges under any circumstances. These online retailers have confusing return and/or exchange systems that make it impossible to get a full payment or partial refund.

References and customer complaints

Consumer frustration with online comparable stores, delivery time, customer service and service department is severe.

Our Final Verdict:

For all these reasons, the US concluded that Sundayhat could also be a suspect location.

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Many online retailers claim to offer Brobdingnazia discounts on certain products, but this is often a scam. Avoid these online retailers or do your own research before making a purchase. Most of these online stores do not ship purchases to customers or ship low-quality or unreliable products. Fraudulent online merchants can charge customers’ credit cards through any party without their consent. If you have ever been falsely accused by a fraudulent website, you should report it directly to your bank or Bank Claims to protect your MasterCard details.


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