Trying to get statements from sixlrom to push the facts? you have reached the right side of the page. In our review section we tried to fact check this website. You can find out if is a scam or a legitimate company by checking the review section below.

Key features of the site

  • Domain
  • The place is called Engaguig
  • Parent company: MELEDO COANY Limited
  • Send your email to:
  • Website Tools: Hot Selling
  • Products on his website: Four Strick-Fingerhut fusible thread guides Finger watch stitch, electric lamp light.
  • Social Media Access: A social media account associated with the website’s corporate social media may not be sufficient.

What is

This online store claims to sell most of the above items. Before you decide to buy from this online store, you need to understand the different markets.

We chose Sixlrom as the fraud site for the following reasons.

Contact Information:

The parent company “MELEDO COMPANY LTD” which can be found on the CONTACT & TERMS OF USE page operates various scam and spy websites while this website attempts to hide identity. we cannot trust such a company to test any web search.

It names Meledo Company Limited as its parent company. However, like many websites, it may change its address and parent names in the future.

It names Meledo Company Limited as its parent company. However, like many such sites, addresses and parents’ names may change in the future.

Website Layout:

McAfee used a fake loyalty tag on some product information pages. When you visit this website, your money and personal information may be taken.

Special discounts and sales offers

With thousands of items listed at ridiculously low prices, it’s nearly impossible to find a legitimate retailer, even on Cyber ​​Monday or Black Week.

Content Copied

More information on the website about the property. the site name is associated with various fraud sites.

It also lists the specific website name as on the policy pages of the same website. does not disclose any information about its affiliation with the site, and often legitimate services may obtain their information from other sister sites.

Responses and comparisons

The change rule does not allow for manufacturing or product changes. This online store does not accept returns or exchanges. These online stores have terrible return and/or exchange markets, so you may not get a full refund.

Delivery and customer complaints

According to customer complaints from comparable online stores, delivery time, customer service and after-sales service are very inadequate.

Our Final Results:

All of the above shows that {point} Sixlrom is a confusing place.

You can write a comment about the company below. You can also share this review with your family and friends through social media to spread awareness about the online store.

Many online retailers claim to offer huge discounts on various products, but this is often a scam. Avoid these online retailers or research before you buy. Most of these online stores do not ship products to customers and do not send damaged or damaged items. Fraudulent online merchants can charge your credit card without your authorization. If you have ever been accused of fraud by a fraudulent website, you should notify your bank or credit union immediately to protect your Mastercard information.


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