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Are you an online shopper looking for same-day sales on digital platforms? Does your search also include machinery, loading equipment and gear grinding machines? Rigshr, an online marketplace that offers a wide range of products for digital shoppers, is for you. from… from

This platform ensures the distribution of useful products and reduces daily sales costs to 0.5. We are trying to find out if Rigshhr scam is legit or not on this site as the area unit of the suspected e-commerce platform is usually in the e-commerce market.

Features of Rigsh Legit

  • It has been online for eight months and registered on April 15th.
  • Eight months later, the site is down.
  • The database has two reliability factors. In other words, this is a questionable site.
  • Rigshr is not represented on social networks.
  • There are no customer reviews on this store’s public review page.
  • The Rigshore domain will expire on April 15, 2023.
  • The images and text on this {site|site} appear to be from a fake site.
  • The platform’s website does not display confidential information.
  • Rigshri’s trust rating for this trade is thirty nine.6%.
  • Its threat profile is 46/100.

About Rigshri website:

Rigshr Quest is an online quest that sells supplies and equipment for various classes. The platform has more than a thousand pages of content. You can’t find what you’re looking for because the site doesn’t categorize it correctly. Several units sold through this platform are priced below the product’s value.

  • Four grass belts
  • Reusable kettle
  • Projector and TV
  • Machine design
  • kitchen pantry
  • Lego toys
  • Spa and faucets

You can watch Rigshr Scam vs Legit together. Let’s take a look at the features, pros and cons of the site.


  • Domain name –
  • Delivery address –
  • Mailing address –
  • Permanent address – Southwest Miami, USA. State 33155, u. from… from
  • Newspapers – Included
  • Delivery method – 10-15 days for product delivery.
  • Return time: seven days
  • Return period – thirty days
  • PayPal is a payment method
  • Contact Jins – +1 3329 742 7240

Positives from the Rigshr search Website:

  • It offers free shipping to its customers.
  • Standard e-commerce procedures include a 30-day return policy and a 7-day return policy.
  • Rigshore’s betrayal? Or is it legal? Customers can contact us via e-mail and phone to answer all questions about the store.
  • Having an actual address on the website can be a good sign for a store.

Cons of Righr search site:

  • This site has a low trust rating and low index, making it the #1 disreputable store.
  • Nine months later, Alexa is zero. This meant no traffic to the platform.
  • Another sign that a website is unreliable is the lack of customer reviews on review sites.
  • There is no property information in the database.
  • This store is not represented on social media.

Rigshri Overview:

Even though the site is only 9 months old, it still has a zero Alexa rating. No customers have visited this domain.

Albeit this site permits clients to compose audits about items bought through its platform, we couldn’t track down any surveys. Click here to get familiar with PayPal scams.

Final Verdict:

Most of the legal content on is not supported by the site. Avoid this site and buy from a legitimate site.

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Is Rigsch a scam? About legal issues

Q.1 Where is this website located?

You can access this store by entering the address section.

Q.2 Again, does this site work? was registered on April 8.

Question 3 Material is usually purchased from

This site sells mostly used items.

Q.4 How does Alexa rank this website?

Alexa gives this site a zero rating.

Q.5: What is the telephone number of the shop?

Shop phone +1 330 942 7240.

Q.6 Is Rigshr a scam? Is this legitimate marketing?

We must rely on two points

Q.7 When does the domain expire?

This domain will expire on April 8, 2023.

Q.8 Customer reviews of this site area provided on public review sites.

No, the classification does not include customer reviews.


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