Psilomart or a legal scam? To determine the legality and credibility of this company, please go through this document at the end and keep all the facts about it in mind.

Do you like mushrooms? If you want to shop for mushroom-related products, visit our integrated Psilomart search. But is Psilomart a scam or legit? This presentation should be accompanied by customer standards to provide square standards for searching and accessing this site.

Learn more about the Psilomart rule

  • Execution date: February 7, 2019 is the date of the Psilomart mission. The shelf life is 2 years 0.5 years.
  • Confidence score: Psilomart research includes sixty-eight smart confidence scores. It looks like a normal search.
  • Registered: Psilomart Store is registered with, LLC
  • The last day of the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar in 2024 is the last day of the hunt for Psilomart. psilomart research.
  • The review does not cover other Psilomart square weight ratings available on the official website, but there are no tests available online.

Psilomart Research Summary

Psilomart research yielded mushroom extracts. Tested and developed by experts.

  • Fungal rot
  • Muscaria tent
  • Mushroom pods

Features of Psilomart

  • URL:
  • Call 702-338-6941
  • URL: not available
  • Email Id:
  • Delivery Policy Two to three business days for packaging and shipping orders.
  • Return Policy Money will be refunded within thirty days.
  • Unknown payment options.

About Positive Points

  • Shipping is FREE for orders over 50 TL.

About negative points

  • Check out the square footage on the official site, but it looks fake.

Psilomart Review

We put an email address and an example. However, this website is unavailable. However, this does not mean that it is an unsafe portal. I saw some good reviews on the official website, but those reviews seemed fake, so no reviews were found on the website. The website can be accessed from Instagram, but no testing or data is required. Therefore, this website looks clearly suspicious. So be careful when you look at it. Consumers should consider ways to avoid Mastercard fraud.


To wrap up this news about Psilomart or Legit scamming, I know the store was set up / some time ago. Psilomart comes with a high reliability rating. 66. The main site therefore seems to focus its reviews on expressing this skepticism. Learn about security measures to prevent PayPal payments.

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