This article will provide information about the business website and the specifications it uses to determine if Molicuti is a scam or legitimate. See our article for more information.

Are you looking for beautiful dresses for women? Have you ever heard of a website that offers beautiful dresses for women? If you don’t know, this is the portal you are looking for. The portal is created by the United States of America.

In this post, we will go through all the websites for specific information to determine if Molicuti is a scam or legit. Find a blog here.

Is the right website?

The customer must familiarize himself with all aspects of the website’s shopping cart and its products before making a purchase. Be sure to follow the instructions below to verify the authenticity of the page:

  • The first web portal opened on time: The first day of the web portal started on 12/07/2022.
  • Trust score: The site’s trust level is low at only 11%.
  • Copy and paste the content. The content duplication of this website is zero.
  • Social Media Logos: Social Media logos are not available on your site.
  • Alexa Rank: According to Molicuta’s reviews, the Alexa PageRank is #3142369.

What is

This is a great business site. The site offers amazing quality women’s clothing. The clothing range includes the Maki evening dress and skirt, welcome shirt, jeans, swimwear and trousers. The style of the dress is amazing and it is available in various colors and sizes.

Elements of

  • The URL is
  • Site delivery date: Site sent off on July 12, 2022.
  • For the second it will never again exist: Shutting date of the portal 07.12.2027.
  • Email support:
  • Free transportation: Orders more than $69.99 fit the bill with the expectation of complimentary delivery.
  • Installment strategies: Visa, Expert Card, PayPal, and so on.
  • Advantages of monitoring Molicuti scam or legit?
  • It additionally offers free transportation on buys.
  • Disadvantages of
  • It specifies no logos or brand names of social sites.

Customer Review

The site has no reviews of its products from customers who visit its homepage. The site’s Alexa score is #3142369. The site also has no reviews or social media pages. Buyers should follow these steps: Get your PayPal refund back if you’ve been scammed.


The shopping site has no experience selling products online. The site has a low trust rating. According to Molicuta Reviews, the site lacks reviews on social media and online platforms. The site appears suspicious and consumers should be wary of these sites. Additionally, customers should complete the following steps: How to Get a Full Refund for Credit Card Fraud

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