This is the article “Is Milfordqarter a scam that is legit” provides all the login information for this website to help customers understand this website better.

Can’t wait for Halloween? Looking for an online store to buy Halloween decorations? If yes, then we will tell you about Milfordquarter store from USA. If you are interested in checking out this site, please read this article on Milfordqarter: Scam or Legit to better understand this site.

Legal notice from Milfordqarter

Here are some facts about Milfordqarter to help determine if the site is worth the investment:

  • Website Editing: Milfordquarter Posted on February 21, 2022.
  • Registration: Amazon Register, Inc. Recording from Milfordquarter
  • The Milford quarter trust score has an unreliable score of 8%.
  • Social Media Accounts Milfordquarter has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and
  • Pinterest. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Security note: The website order is published on the store’s official website.
  • Customer Reviews We could not find any reviews for Milfordqarter on the official website.

Characteristics of Milford Quarter

  • URL:
  • Email address:
  • Customer Service Number: +1662-736-8356
  • Address: 1270 Andrus St, Akron, OH 44301.
  • Includes Halloween and Christmas decorations, toys and cars.
  • Return and Refund Policy The customer has 30 days to return items and will receive a refund within 10 working days
  • Delivery order Delivery order: Products will be delivered to the customer within 8-12 business days
  • Payment methods Payment methods are not available on the website

Here are the good points

  • Contact number, email address and store address included.

Of the good things

  • The payment options required by the store are not listed on the website.

Milford Quarterly Review

We didn’t find anything on the store’s official website. Official Website No comments for online review sites. This makes it difficult to determine whether a website is selling good quality products or not. There were also no ratings on social media website profiles. With this article, they can focus on controlling credit card fraud.


To summarize this article, the site is not stable and has a low reliability score. We advise customers to investigate for themselves whether Milfordqarter is a scam or legitimate and search the site at their own risk. Readers can check out steps to avoid PayPal scammers. Visit this page to learn more about Christmas decorations.

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