Are you looking for a table mixer that can make meat, spiral vegetables, chicken, cubes, minced food, flour? Are you looking for kitchen appliances with variable speed and powerful motors? Do you prefer kitchen faucets with glass or metal bowls? Kitchen faucets facilitate participation.

So, do you want to shop online in Canada? For more information about, see Is Valid?

Is Kiteeocom valid? wrote on October 25, 2021 at 6:16:16 AM. Age: 5 months 11 days. was last updated on: November 16, 2021 at 3:03:08 AM. Date: October 25, 2022 6:16:16 AM
Service life of 6 months to 20 days.
Reliability Score: gets a 1% security risk score.
Business Rating:’s business risk rating is 0.00%.
Origin: Dangerous in China.
Proximity to suspicious sites: 100/100.
Risk profile: 99/100.
Fishing Score: 98/100.
Malware Score: 99/100.
Spam score: 61/100.
Blacklisted status: is not blacklisted. Connection Security Tip: uses the correct HTTPS protocol.
SSL Status: Has SSL certificate of IP162.218.177.61.
Contact person: Unknown.
Social Connection: cannot be used on social networks.
Owner identity and contact details: Censorship when using’s services.

Card: is a commercial site that offers kitchenware at significant discounts. has a mobile friendly interface. Content has been created and is suitable for mobile devices. further shows that the content was copied from and They are involved in many discount scams and show a negative attitude towards investigations. Is valid?’s Internet Popularity and Reliability Index has been running for more than 5 months. has tried to use the Kitchen Aid® brand, which sells mixers like the popular site However, does not allow to sell branded products. only sells kitchen appliances.


Buy food at

Social Media Link: Not included on
Price: From 55.85.
Address: Not posted on
Phone (or) WhatsApp number: Not listed on
Email: Online2020@Live.Com.
Customer Voice and Blog: Not helpful at This is an important feature of the check out price. Is valid?

Terms of use: Not posted on
Privacy Policy: Listed but stolen from
Store Locator: has no store locator.
Delivery Policy: Kitchenware will be delivered to within 15 days.
Sales Policy: has a 48-hour turnaround time and supports worldwide shipping via DHL, UPS and RoyalMail.
Tracking: The tracking link is not active and is not available on
Attachment Policy: Not known at
Return Policy: Kitchen items can be returned to within 30 days.
Refund Policy: will credit the original payment method 10 days after processing. However, the exact return date has changed. Is valid?
Payment Methods: All major credit cards in the United States, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar, Danish Krone, Swedish Kroner and Norwegian Krone.
Bulletin: Not available at
Help and questions: Not posted on


Free shipping on orders from saves mixers up to 91%
Detailed product descriptions and images are available at offers free shipping, returns and manufacturer’s warranty.

Subtraction: finds it difficult to provide services for customers.

Poor website design is not suitable for all devices. has no user-friendly interface, no search, no sorting and no filtering.
No important rules or information are posted on Customer Reviews:

2 YouTube reviews and 4 review scams. gave Alexa a 0 rating.

Product reviews are not available at Also, there are no online or social media customer reviews. So read about PayPal Rocket to avoid PayPal scams.

Conclusion: is registered in a short-term country. combines zero business and Alexa rankings. has a risky TrustRank. We will not serve orders without your consent. has suspicious and risky profiles. Per.


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