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Do you know about the Gonift.com Scam? Have you been a victim of a scam on this site? Looking for a review on this site? Eleri Pfeffer is the founder and CEO of Gonift.com. Pfeffer founded the business to encourage local small businesses all over the United States. EleryPfeffer created a business plan to promote their stores.

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The new site for selling businesses is called gonift.com. It ended on September 16, 2015. It has been six years and eight months since the website was available. Although it is a popular site, it is shut down after three years and six weeks. Website last updated on 13 August 2021. Cards must be activated by the user within 30 days from the date.

Gonift.com’s research shows that the site is not a scam, but the scammers make the site look suspicious and hide their results.

Gonift Review

BBB revised the Gonift.com business plan in response to customer reviews, comments and suggestions found online. Nift is basically an online gift card that requires large purchases at multiple stores.

What is the purpose of Gonface Gift Cards?

Businesses located in the region can join Nift. Gonift.com Fraud Detection Businesses receive $30 gift cards as a thank you to their customers. The recipient chooses the type of gift they want.

According to Gonift Review, this is not an e-commerce scam. Customers can use their Nift card to make additional purchases. Gonift.com has a 93% trust rating. It also has a high business score of 82.4 percent, a rating of 165,115 and a low security rating of just 16 percent. Gonift’s allegations of fraud are true. These cards are very useful for people who shop at local stores.

The site offers two choices that are firmly connected with the wish list in view of client inclinations. Client can initially choose any sort for gift. By the day’s end, “Is Conift legitimate?” Answer the inquiry. It’s slick.

What is oil function?

Oil customers are classified as public incentives that encourage local businesses. Bankers offer Nift gift vouchers to their most loyal customers. Cards can be used by customers to connect with nearby businesses. Clients may also be provided by other companies. The company believes that the platform will promote collaboration in business development.


To summarize in this article, the most important aspects of Nift are demand and performance. But many companies interested in Nift need support from other companies to scale up. Learn more about Nift and read frequently asked questions.

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