Faballey Shop Legit launched an e-commerce platform that sells women’s clothing and presents results to online retailers.

Is this a stylish young woman looking for an ecommerce platform that sells unique fashion clothes for millennials? Favari designs her products for the daring, fashion-loving Indian woman who loves to explore the world while broadening her fashion sense.

The online marketplace is driving the first phase of digital commerce in India and online shopping seems to be leading the second phase of the retail revolution. A new fake page has appeared using it. That is why it is important to check if the Faballe store is legit or a scam.

Faballey com’s legal research:

There are currently 252,000 registered domains and each of these sites has a purpose. I don’t know if every page is legit or a scam, but you can objectively check each page to see it at a glance.

Our research team has collected factual information about this website and presented it to online buyers in this section.

Domain age – 10 (March 28, 2012)
Alexa Ranking. This site has an Alexa ranking of 62,143 and shows good traffic on ecommerce platforms.
Trustworthiness Score – According to Fabali Store ratings, this site has a 96% credibility which is a good rating for this site.
Addresses – Addresses listed on the company website match Google Maps addresses.
Copy – Website content looks simple and unique.
Domain Expiration Date – This domain will expire on March 28, 2022.
Social media accessibility. The site has social networks Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.
Owner Information – Owner information is available on our website.
Trust Index – IceFaballeShop Legit has found that the trustworthiness of this domain is high at 80.4% on real sites.
Customer Reviews – Product reviews are available on the digital platform.

What is the Faballe com portal?

Faballey is an e-commerce platform launched in 2012 by two colleagues in Noida, India. She brings her products to domestic millennials with a bold, contemporary fashion sense.

This page contains two product lines. One is Favari for women who love clothes, and India for the ethnic taste of its customers. Faballey Shop Legit found that some of the products sold on this platform belong to party wear, winter wear, clothing and party wear?

They have a great clothing collection that covers almost every aspect of clothing.

Features of the Fableley Online Store:

The domain name is faballey.com.
The website address is https://www.faballey.com.
The products sold are clothing and ethnic women’s clothing.
The email address is cutomercare@faballey.com.
Contact Details – +918929987349, 0120-6850262
From Address – HighStreetEssentials Pvt Ltd, C-5, Sector 1, Noida,
Address -HighStreetEssentials Pvt Ltd, C-, Sector 7, Noida
Our side shipping policy is 4-6 days for domestic delivery and 7-12 days for international delivery.
Payment Methods – Visa, Mater, Paytm, AmericanExpress and more.

Faballe Shop Legit found the following qualities to be Fabley’s strengths:

Faballi is a domain from 10 years ago that characterizes the official website.
Addresses and From addresses match Google Maps addresses.
As the range of women’s clothing is abundant, we provide tailor-made products.
Email address and contact details available for customer inquiries.
Refunds within 15 days give the customer ample time.

Cons of Fableley com:

Most products cost more.
Customer reviews are not available on product pages.

What are the reviews for Favorite Store?

This is an ecommerce platform from 10 years ago, so you can find customer reviews on this page of our public review portal. Most products do not have customer reviews on their product pages. This is not a good sign for new buyers.

Some social networks rated Favera as 2.23 out of 624 votes. Most complaints relate to product quality, money laundering and refunds.

If you want to learn more about PayPal scams, click here.

Last decision:

There is no doubt that Favari is legit as most of the information backs him up. Faballe Shop Legit believes the site is genuine, but some customer reviews are negative.


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