Read this article to answer your question. is a Duchiy or Legit scam for online marketing platform that sells different products.

Are you looking for an efficient bicycle with the latest technologies? Are you thinking of building an indoor gym in your home and are you looking for an adjustable barbell? Do you want to give camping equipment to your children? If so, check out this article to get all the information you need.

This article examines whether a recently launched online platform is trustworthy. UK users are looking forward to exploring the range. So, we recommend that you read through to the end to find out if Duchiy is a scam or a legitimate one.

Is the duchy authentic?

These facts show the trust level of this shop. We have looked at several open sources to capture this data for you to review.

  • The AgeSee platform store is new, as it has been for twenty-two days. The creators of this store launched it a few days ago, on August 28, 2022.
  • Website Trust Score: 1% is a very low trust rating.
  • Alexa Rank Alexa Rank Alexa Database Alexa has not rated this site.
  • Social Media Links Social Media Links This website does not normally link to the social media accounts of these store accounts.
  • Duchiy Reviews Duchiy Reviews The HTML0Feedback tab is not a source of customer feedback when we look at it.
  • Authenticity of contact details Authenticity of contact details The business address appears online as a web address. Also, the first few digits of the number are marked suspicious on the Internet.
  • Incomplete categorization More than 11,000 items are sold on the site but are not categorized by the team.
  • Duplicate Content The landing page is full of duplicate information. The team may have copied the same theme from different sources and put the two together.

These facts make the threshold questionable. But it’s kind of hard to tell if Duchiy Scam and Legit is a bit harsh since the website was created recently.

What exactly is Duchiy?

Duchiy is an online store that offers a wide range of products in different categories. Since the articles were not classified, we were unable to understand all the different types of articles. We have bicycles, letter openers, fryers, climbers, etc.

Technical specifications:

  • Type of site Type of site An online marketplace that offers a variety of products suitable for, among other things, outdoor activities, at home and exercise.
  • Digital address
    1-Physical location Prince of Wales store near Maldon – CM9 8PW Great Totham, United Kingdom
  • Phone number: (+44) 745-604-2565
  • Email ID: Email contact details are
    linking to other social media The linking does not work. It is not connected. You think
  • Duchiy is scam or legit This issue could affect your opinion.
  • Terms of Use – Provided
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Google Pay, etc., as well as credit cards such as MasterCard, American Express, Visa and Visa.
  • Return and Refund Protocol Return and Refund Protocol The deadline for returning items is 30 days from the date they were received. The processing time for refunds is between two and five business days.
  • Delivery Policy Delivery times are generally between five and eight days. The service is available free of charge in all parts of the UK.
  • Privacy Policy – mentioned
  • Sorting method – present
  • Item Price The item price is in GBP.


  • There is a large selection of articles available on this site.
  • The product description corresponds to all technical details.

With Sublining it is a legal scam

  • The only ranking and the number of pages available is the latter more than 900. It is very difficult to scroll through all the pages to search for products because there is no grouping of products.
  • Customers hesitate to trust this shop with no social media connections.
  • The payment options are confusing because the information is not in two fields.
  • There are recurring content in the Returns and Refunds section. It is possible that the creators took different words from different sources and then combined them into a confusing story.
  • The age of this site is small so it will be difficult for people to trust this site.

Ducati Review

The features of this site have not yet been discussed by major review websites in their discussion. It is clear that customers do not yet trust the store or purchase the products. No buyer reviews came up when I searched the review tabs on this website. That’s why we recommend you review the best way to get your money back against PayPal scammers to ensure your safety.

This is the last thought

Previous analysis shows that this website is unreliable. Although it is difficult to determine which Duchiy Scam and Legit have been installed recently. Therefore, you should know how to get a full refund for credit card fraud. You can also find information on what the most effective home gym equipment is.

Do you think this site is worth it? Write below.


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