Find out if is a scam site or a reputable company by reading our Ceinfule review.

The Ceinfule site may be suspicious for the following reasons:

  • Some problematic sites have used the name Yino (this is mentioned in the TERMS OF USE, CONTACT US). A list of problematic pages for this title can usually be found by browsing yino or clicking the TAG button below. its parent named it yino, but like many similar sites, it may change its address and name in the future.
  • The site’s many different features and themes correspond to different problematic pages.
  • Below are the social media icons that will take you to the home pages of the individual sites when you click on the pages. Instead of directing you to work-related social media sites, profiles or groups, it did just that.
  • Several online stores selling similar products complain about the quality of the products, delivery time and customer service.


We cannot accept that Ceinfule has sufficiently substantiated the facts.

You can write a review about the company below. You can share this review with your family and friends through your social media accounts to let them know about this online store.


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