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Do you buy your watches through online stores? There are many stores that sell watches online. we offer a website that sells watches. We check this {website|website} to determine whether or not it is safe to buy watches from this site. the database in question is understood to be extensive. which now reaches the quality in the United States. For more information, see the Is Broaded Scam and Legit article.

Check if this site is legitimate

To check a website’s compliance, view its compliance aspects. So, let’s go back to the following questions; It is confirmed that it will require attention.

  • Domain age – before configuration, created on August 23, 2022.
  • Expiration Date – The site may expire on 08/23/2023.
  • Content Quality – The United States is associated with a rewarding segment that comes from 57 users.
  • Policies Per Site Policy.
  • Address verification – no addresses in database.
  • Owner Information Owner Information You are not providing any owner information.
  • The reliability rating is determined by Extended Tests based on the fact that the reliability score is zero.0 seems inappropriate.
  • Web reliability score The reliability score is only available for twenty seconds, it is an average score.
  • Customer Ratings – There are no customer reviews on this page.
  • There are no discount codes on their website.
  • Social Media Platform – There is no single social media platform.

A brief introduction to the extensive database

The site was launched a few days ago. This is an online store that only sells watches. They sell watches with steel frames, watches with leather straps and much more. For now, I will only give up 1 thing. You should also understand Is Broaded Scam or Legit that their time is expensive compared to new websites. The website claims to sell quality products at reasonable prices. However, ranking does not indicate ownership and the information is questionable.

Site’s Specifications

  • Domain registration date This domain was created on August 23, 2022. This date is not guaranteed.
  • The article provided on the website gives specific times.
  • Payment Types Defer payments with PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Yankee categorical and more.
  • Delivery Policy Delivery of goods may take 10-20 days.
  • Return Policy The return policy is valid for thirty days after you receive the item.
  • Exchange Policy Exchange is currently running.
  • Contact Address – Contact information is not available in the address field.
  • Refund Policy: Does Broaded Scam or Legit decide to refund the original payment
  • method within a clear number of days.
  • Email ID – Login via
  • The Miscellaneous Contact list is not available here.
  • The publication informs that the email option is available.
  • Domain Link – Follow this link and check out their products.
  • We will let you know the advantages and disadvantages of the site.

Side benefits

  • The website looks safe and secure thanks to the protection of the HTTPS protocol along with the SSL integration that facilitates protection.
  • The report was leaked.

Minus the disadvantages

  • Owner information doesn’t seem to exist, which begs the question: Is this a common scam or is it legit?
  • The site was reduced to just 1 word.
  • The prices of goods are high.
  • The website is not a substitute for a functioning social network.
  • The contact information is fake and not all contact numbers are easily obtainable.
  • There are currently no customer reviews.
  • The software on the site is not satisfactory.

Customer Comments

We have checked all originals for user comments, but unfortunately there are no comments. No site received good reviews. A few reviews were found, but they are not reliable. If you are looking for a way to get paid through the PayPal platform, know this script to solve the problem.


In the language we speak, we can know that merchants sell watches. The site is still registered. Not close to social media stats. Their knowledge of the contact page is questionable and their trust score is very low. The main thing missing is customer reviews. After carefully checking Broad Scam Review as Legit, we cannot conclude that we are not sure about the website’s legitimacy. We only recommend that you keep this in mind before taking any action. Be sure to check out this page, for affiliate options to get cash on your MasterCard credit card, visit here.

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