At the point when I previously visited, I sincerely didn’t have the foggiest idea what exactly was there.

I chose to come see it for myself.

So is Ayewage a scam or a genuine way to earn on the web?

Advise me to know where you’re going and it will not benefit you.

This AyuWage audit gives you an inside look so you can see and decide for yourself.

What is iWays and what does the site offer? has been around starting around 2009.

Taking a gander at the webpage, the plan has not changed from that point forward as it is very old and the ease of purpose is not excellent compared to many other available internet based payment gateways.

Obviously the main thing is what you can achieve with Ayawaj.

At the point when you initially enter the AyuWage site, you will see “promotional earnings paid for online substance search”.

A strange articulation doesn’t say a lot of about what to say.

So we should take a gander at what really matters when you join.

Choice 1 – Open the site

Ayuz’s main reason is by all accounts to visit sites and make cash by visiting them.

Usually you have to stay on the page for a couple of moments and at times you have to tap on a site ad or something to that effect.

It resembles a PTC site where you click on an ad and get a couple of pennies to see the page for 10 seconds.

Nonetheless, it is totally different because the tasks you have to perform are unique and smaller than PTC locales.

How would you make cash?

Earning focuses with all web-based gift suppliers is important. In any case, how you make your cash matters.

And obviously you want to be aware in the event that Aywez pays at all.

With Aywage you earn focuses during working hours. 1 credit = $0.0005.

You can withdraw or utilize this credit, for example to pay a receipt or to purchase advertisements on AyuWage

The technique for withdrawal is via PayPal. You can demand payment when you get $5. It’s anything but an exorbitant cost, yet with the low pay in Ayuga you simply have to show restraint.

There are many great PayPal overviews and payment destinations, so in the event that you favor PayPal as a payment technique, I propose you go somewhere else.

Since my most memorable audit I have also gotten letters from many individuals saying that Aiwaga doesn’t pay them.

It’s most certainly a bad sign, yet I can’t affirm assuming that that’s always the case or on the other hand assuming the individuals I’ve heard of are simply unfortunate.

I haven’t taken a stab at paying for Ayewage myself as I don’t suspect it merits paying for it as it isn’t as great as different locales we’ve seen.

How much cash can you earn?

Frankly, I don’t figure you ought to anticipate a lot of cash from Ayuz. And as you can see above, others say you are not being paid.

I have personally seen a few choices with lower payouts than different destinations.

It’s usually hard for me when I see the testimonials they have on

The image above shows one of the testimonials on their site. So says Annabelle Bellantoni, who likes to utilize iWaga.

In any case, I did a Google image search and this image appeared on many destinations as well.

So it appears they utilized fake photographs, names and testimonials as seen when I actually look at a portion of their web-based testimonials.

This is a tremendous warning and when a site involves images as a rule it’s anything but a decent sign I would say. In the event that the victor is a great site, it ought not be an issue to see the original confirmation, correct?

So the total pay with Aiwaga is not extremely high – there is a chance, but rather no way


Who can join Ayuwage?

Something great about AyuWage is that you can join regardless of where you are from.

Be that as it may, truly, regardless of where you are from, there are as I would like to think way better choices.

You can, for example, look at the best web-based review and get-compensated to locales in your nation here. All of these have better open doors, in my experience.

Can you get support?

There is a FAQ area on where you can track down answers for certain inquiries. It is not exceptionally exhaustive, as I would like to think, but rather you can discover a few answers here.

On the off chance that you ought to require more assistance, there also is a contact structure you can submit and ask a more unambiguous inquiry.

I have no idea how rapidly they answer, yet presently at least you know the choice to contact their help is there.

In any case, while taking a gander at the quantity of complaints on their Facebook page from individuals that are unhappy with the platform and no reaction to them at all, you ought to probably not anticipate a fast answer.

And as you can find in the remark area beneath this survey, many individuals here also complain about not finding any solution from their help.

Final decision – scam or genuine?

As far as I can tell, AyuWage seems to be a site you can earn some extra cash from and it pays out in a genuine way.

This does, in any case, not mean everything will work out, and I actually don’t think it is. However, we should finish this survey by summarizing the upsides and downsides so you can get a superior outline and decide for yourself.




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