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Searching for the most recent web-based design store? Searching for new garments and shoes from a web-based retailer? Assuming this is the case, then this site is the response you want. The ideal site is designed in U. g.

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Is a reliable online portal?

It is important to look at every part of the website and therefore it is important to look at the other products it offers to ensure its legitimacy. Consider the following tips to understand the legitimacy of this website.

  • Website creation date: Website launch date is 09/05/2022.
  • Trust Score: The trust score for the domain on November 11th was simply dismal.
  • Duplicate Content: About five hundred pieces of tracking website content.
  • Social Media: There are no social media logos on the website.
  • Alexa Global Ranking: According to’s Ahtshop reviews, Alexa ranks #458273 on the global website platform.


It is a multifunctional online store. Otherwise, a good selection of stylish clothes. The location offers quality items. The location offers a variety of products including t-shirts, pants, glasses, shoes, sunglasses, Nike NBA shoes and more. The site works with brands like Wildcat, Nike, Hi Fop and more.


  • Computer address for web portal:
  • Site Origin: This site was created in September
  • Website Expiration: The website may expire on 05/09/2023.
  • Email service:
  • Shipping Information: It takes seven to 7-9 days to ship your order.
  • Payment methods include MasterCard, PayPal, Visa and more.

To understand the advantage of Ahtshop com is scam or legit

  • Various payment options are offered for the convenience of the user.

Problems with

  • No logo or social media image.

Users’ perspective

Trading website has no response from customers. This site has a global Alexa rank of #458273. The electronic computer does not have a social media logo and does not appear on social media or internet portals. To understand everything about Paypal scams, visit the section of the seller’s website.


A search site wants more information about buying groceries online. The site has a negative trust rating. There are also no reviews on social media or websites such as Ahtshop Reviews on Positioning is not secure and users should be cautious of such sites. Additionally, customers should be very careful about how they want to prevent MasterCard fraud.

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