This article provides clear information to know if Addon Store is a scam or legit. Get moving and learn more.

Want to browse the best luxury retailers online when looking for pumpkin costumes for Halloween? is a fast-selling global B2C e-commerce store. It is a B2C e-commerce platform that allows you to. S., Australia and other continents. Continue reading on Addon Store Scam? Or is it legal? and information about the functionality of the website

Is Addon Repository a trusted portal or not?

  • Consumers should ensure that the website is trustworthy before purchasing online. Here we have covered some important points for your convenience.
  • Adton Winkel Published March 7, 2002.
  • Alexa Rating: The Alexa Rating of Addon Store is #8041101.
  • Trust Score: Adthon Store has the lowest trust score since VE Day.
  • Social Media: Available.
  • Customer Service Number: This can be omitted.
  • Contact address: available.
  • Extensions Store Reviews – Customer Ratings
  • Privacy Notice: Adthon Store has received confidential information.
  • Return and Exchange Policy: Exchanges are accepted within seven days.
  • Return information: One to three days after receipt of the package

Addon Store Website Information

Addon is a global B2C e-commerce platform for fast fashion retailers. Addon Store mainly focuses on quality products. The Adthon store covers sales markets in the United States, Europe, Australia, the United States and similar geographies. In October 2016, the Addon was launched. It now includes companies in more than 220 countries using the global Internet market.

Extension Store View Description:

  • Website type: Online fashion contest store website.
  • Types of products: costumes, costumes and costumes for Halloween, Christmas or other parties
  • Site creation date: March 7, 2022
  • Website Completion Date: March 7, 2023
  • Website URL:
  • Customer Service ID:


  • is protected by secure SSL certificates.


  • is probably the most popular website.

Read Closer.

Adthon sells running apparel and fashion accessories. Additional views are only available on the official site. The Addon Store supports social media, but its reach is limited. This site contains a lot of spam and is close. Fix multiple MasterCard frauds.


Research on Is Adthon Store Scammed or Legit shows that the website is not popular and does not have much knowledge about online business. Only V-E Day customers trust the store. The customer must do a lot of analysis before signing the purchase contract. You can also see several PayPal fraud reports here.

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