But before you buy, check out our reviews on this site via Ikatehouse Reviews which will give you the right information.

Have you ever bought beauty products from an online store? If you have no experience, read our article because we are talking about a website that offers beauty products.

This is an Ikatehouse website. Offers beauty products and jewelry. This site has caught the attention of Americans. So today we are reviewing the site with our Ikatehouse booking post so don’t miss it.

A brief introduction to Icatehouse

Ikatehouse was founded in 2012. Beauty, skin care, personal care, nail products, jewelry and more. will be forwarded. They have a great variety of products. And they also offer discounts. They also offer popular brands. They offer free US shipping on orders over $30.

He also has social media accounts. But they did not reveal the identity of the Creator. Then we look at other necessary information about the website that clarifies the features to know if Ikatehouse is legit or not.

Web Features

Portal Creation Date – This portal was first published on 16/03/2012.
Shipping Time USPS Priority mail orders take 2-7 days to arrive in the United States. And orders shipped via USPS Priority Mail International take 6-10 business days to arrive.

Products offered include cosmetics, skin care, nail care, and jewelry.

The physical address is 1000 E.
Contact number (224) 775-0891
Website link – https://katehouse.com/
Email id-cs@katehouse.com.
Return Policy – Items must be returned within 14 calendar days.
Return Policy – No refund period specified.
Change Order – No change order.
See Ikatehouse reviews for a story-by-story alternative.

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal.
Below we will discuss the pros and cons of the Icatehouse website.

Icatehouse positive

The newspaper is available.
Discounts are available.
The website is secured using the HTTPS protocol.
They have social media accounts which is a good sign.
There are many real customer perspectives.
The site URL and the portal name are the same.

The downside of Icatehouse

Their website does not mention the creator of the website.
There are some negative comments about this site.

Is Ikatehouse legitimate? or fraud

Now we will evaluate this website based on the validity factors which we will discuss below and clear our doubts.

Website Creation Date – The website was launched about 11 years ago on 16/03/2012, which is perfect for this website.
Website Completion Date – The website will be completed soon, 16.03.2023.

Content Quality – 80% of our content is stolen.
Policy – Includes all policy provisions.
Address Verification – Physical addresses don’t match, so it looks a bit suspicious.
Trust Score – The site has a trust score of 86%, which is a good trust score and low risk.
Trust Rating – See this site has a 100% trust rating via Ikatehouse reviews before this tag.
Owner ID – Owner ID is not set yet.
Customer Testimonials – There are many genuine customer testimonials.
Social media asset websites are active on various social media platforms.
Discounts – Discounts are available.

Recommended by the buyer

We managed to get a 3.0 rating from another trusted site, TrustPilot And there are conflicting opinions about it. However, no literature review or evaluation was found. The site also received comments from some customers on their social platforms. Get full refund information via PayPal and see Ikatehouse reviews.

Close the door

After reviewing the above comment, we found that the website is very old and on social media on Facebook. And an Instagram with many followers.

It also has good trust scores and has received some genuine customer feedback. So we would conclude that this site looks legit, but we would ask you to do your research before you buy. Check for credit card refund information, but read Ikatehouse reviews for that.

Do you have questions about the site? You are welcome to leave us a comment.


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