We provide a detailed Ighe.com review about the online store that has a lot to conclude about its truth.

Do you want to collect information from Ighe.com? The website was created to give American consumers a platform to order all the tools and equipment they need.

Today we are going to tell you all about a newly launched online store that sells a variety of products such as electronics, baby products, cleaning products, car accessories and so on. Be careful before joining an online database. Read this Ighe.com review to learn more.

Learn more at Lighte.com

This is a global e-commerce site. The website was launched recently to allow customers worldwide to get products from various categories such as car accessories, baby accessories, outdoor furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics etc. under one roof at affordable prices.

In addition, customers get all the offers at low prices because the website uses different strategies to drive sales and attract more customers. Also, if you are considering buying from this site, you should carefully check the purpose of the website to see if Ighe.com is legitimate or not.

What are the features of Lighte.com?

Website URL – https://ighte.com/
Victims – level of vehicles, pumps, electrical equipment, batteries and others
Phone (+) 1551-220-9029
Delivery time – 5-7 working days
Email: support@ighte.com
Newspaper – Not published
Contact information: Northwest 2657, 36 Street, Miami, Florida 33142, US Embassy.
Payment methods – Visa, MasterCard, American Express
Return and exchange – 30 working days
Possibility of refund – the price will be refunded within 6 working days

Shipping Rates – Free shipping for domestic buyers
Connect to social networks – provided
Domain creation date April 14, 2022
Of course, if you want to know more about Ighe.com customer reviews, follow now.

What are the benefits of Lighte.com?

Free shipping is available to all domestic customers with no minimum order.
The website’s footer lists his full contact information so customers can contact him if they have any questions.

What are the disadvantages of Lighte.com?

We have not received feedback from buyers from the site, but negative reviews have been posted on the internet.
The concept of space is a derivative one.
He doesn’t have much influence on social media.

Is Ighe.com legit?

There are many online scammers posting on the internet today to carry out their scams. For this reason, the experts listed all the relevant criteria to be taken into account before making the decision on a chosen site. In addition, these standards will help you avoid fraud. So let’s read all the details without wasting time.

Validity Date – The website’s domain name was recently verified on April 14, 2022. Therefore, the site’s domain name is only more than 4 months old.
Customer reviews. Bad customer reviews from Ighe.com are mentioned online.

The name expires. The registration expires next year on April 14, 2023.

Touch tags – Remember! This site is only for advanced users as it has 1% trust.
Address history – The company’s address is published on the website, but we cannot comment on its details.
Confidence Rating Scale. The site is questionable because it has a reliability of 47.5%.
Copy the content. According to experts, that use is practice; therefore, the borrowed images and content have been stolen.

Igh.com customer review

There is no place for customer comments on the site. However, from online portals like TrustPilot and some other external links, the site scores 2.6 stars in ratings and customer feedback is disappointing. In clarification, many customers say that the website is fake and fraudulent because they do not send orders and do not respond to emails and do not call after payment. Therefore, users should not access their content on these portals. If you need a Paypal refund, search here.


We have gone through all the reviews on Ighe.com review while checking the legal information and found that the auto parts and related products on the website are not reliable enough. So customers are advised not to visit this e-commerce site because most of the site is full of scams. If you paid by credit card and want your money back, read here.

Do you have experience buying from this portal? So let us know what you think.


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