Idol Heroes is a mobile RPG game available for Android and iOS mobile devices. In this game, players must form a team of heroes and constantly train them to improve their skills.

Players can then equip their characters with various new features. But when it comes to purchasing new in-game items. Jewels, gems, hero summon rings, etc. Use Idol Heroes cheats to get different games.

Free Hero Cheats – October List

I have listed the function codes in the next section. Let’s look at them.

  • SEPLUTZIH – Use this free code for 10 Summoning Heroes scrolls and 1K gems. (New)
  • IH999 – Unlock this for a 60 round Hero Summons.
  • IH777 – Unlock this for 40 rounds of Hero Summon.

Expired List

In the next section, you will find a list of expired Anime Mania codes. The purpose of adding a list of expired codes is to prevent users from using old Anime Mania codes to avoid wasting their time. Let’s see what we’re missing.

  • HAPPYMAYDAY2022IH – Use this free code for free rewards.
  • SPRINGTIME2022IH – Use this redemption code for a free reward.
  • IHNOV2021 series
  • IHOCT2021 – Ends 30 October
  • Fall 2021 – Ends October 14th
  • IHSEPT2021 – Ends September 30
  • IHAUG2021 – Use this redemption code for 500 Diamonds and x5 Hero Summoning Rings.
  • Short Section – Use this free code for 500 gems and x5 Hero Summons.
  • Card – Use this redemption code for 500 gems and x5 Hero Summon cycles.

How are the codes used?

The process of buying useless hero codes is very simple and easy. If you don’t know how to use the codes, this section will be useful. The best part? DHGAMES also provides detailed instructions on its website about the process of obtaining codes.

Follow the steps below to get game downloads:

  • Launch the game, click Cool Events on the right side of the screen.
  • A new window will pop up, click on the Cool Events tab.
  • Make one of the above copies and paste it into the text field.
  • Click the Trade button to claim the game.

If the code is successful, a message will appear stating that the code has been activated and all items have been delivered to your mailbox.


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