On Trump’s Wiki, Hutchinson cited the former White House student’s testimony before the Capitol Hill committee investigating the scandal.

Do you know the list of former vice presidents and White House presidential credentials? A former intern who worked at the White House when President Trump was chief of staff testified before the committee investigating the 9/11 attacks. January 6, 2021, on Capitol Hill. Insider Cassidy Hutchinson made the scandalous comment during an inquiry on Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

This new report accelerates the investigation and explains the role of the White House in the incident. Many people in the US admire Cassidy, and Hutchinson’s Trump Wiki profiled him with Tuesday’s announcement.

Notes on Cassidy Hutchinson:

Hutchinson was a former assistant to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and now covers conflicts on Capitol Hill. Cassidy’s testimony is important because he will receive a lot of unreliable information from the investigative team.

  • That name – Cassidy Hutchinson
  • Work – intern at the White House
  • It is not known if they are married.
  • Age – 25-26 years
  • Higher Education – Christopher Newport University (2019)
  • Year 2019-2
  • Party – Republican

According to Cassidy’s June 28 statement, the former president was directly involved in the January 6 incident.

Cassidy Hutchinson’s statement from Trump on June 28:

Cassidy said the White House was directly involved in the Capitol protest, the report said. At , the White House said it was concerned about the plan because on January 17, war could break out. In the year

In Cassidy’s testimony, Rudy said those incidents occurred and could escalate after Jan. 6. According to Hutchinson’s testimony, a Secret Service agent told Trump that some of the guns and weapons were armed. Cassidy Hutchinson Meadows explains how Trump wants to bypass metal detectors.

Hutchinson on the direct involvement of the White House in the unrest on Capitol Hill:

Several reports indicate that Hutchinson has heard numerous accounts of the January 6 coup and wants to interview witnesses.

According to witnesses, Trump wanted to spend time with his supporters on Capitol Hill. After Cassidy leads the crowd on a tour of the Capitol, the former president offers to join them, but his staff is concerned about security.

Cassidy Hutchinson’s cause was an accident.

The former president responded strongly to the statements in his new Forum of Social Truth. “I don’t know who this guy Cassidy Hutchinson is, I’ve heard bad things about him,” he denied all the allegations.

He also talked about the car accident which was completely false and fake because nothing like that happened.

Final Decision

Hutchinson’s accusations were so serious that he could easily prove the accusations against the former president. Although Donald Trump has successfully denied the allegations, a grand jury is trying to find out the truth behind the case.

Hutchinson’s wiki quotes many of Cassidy’s June 28 comments. Do you think Cassidy is telling the truth? Do you have an idea? Please post in the comments section. Please note that the information provided is based on an online survey.


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