It can be fun to turn your truck into a campsite that can go anywhere your truck does. It opens the door to more camping experiences that are more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. The right tent top and accessories give you more options when you’re ready to set up camp.

Transform To A Tent

Having the ability to turn your truck into a tent means that you don’t have sleep on the ground. With a truck mattress, you can sleep comfortably without dealing with as many insects or other wildlife. The ground won’t matter as much, because you won’t be worried about setting tent stakes or needing a flat surface. You’ll still want a good sleeping bag to keep you warm on those chillier nights, but you won’t have to worry about getting rained on when you are sleeping above the ground.

Choose Accessories For How You Camp

You could load your truck down with dozens of items that give you a better experience when you’re camping, but you would also need better truck tires to handle the extra weight. Prioritize the accessories you need by thinking about how you like to camp. A portable shower might be a great thing to have if you’re gone for five or six days at a time, but if you only camp on the weekend, you might not need one. If cooking is your camping jam, invest in a good camping stove with cast iron cookware that gets the job done over an open fire. Make sure to get good coffee equipment. There’s probably nothing better than a hot cup of coffee made over an open fire in the morning when you’re in nature.

Must-Have Truck Camping Gear

No matter where you’re camping, you should keep your truck supplied with the basics. A good first aid kit is always handy. You want a shovel and axe packed away in your camp gear. A handheld broom and dustpan can help you sweep out the back of your truck before setting up your sleeping bag. You can also use it to keep the cab of your truck cleaner while camping. Pick up a set of ratchet straps or bungee cords to secure your camping gear while you move from place to place. Don’t forget to include a sturdy wool blanket. Use it for added warmth or to hold an impromptu picnic. Some campers include a level and leveling blocks for when the ground isn’t perfectly level.

Set Up Anywhere

When your truck is packed and setup to be your campsite, you don’t have to worry about finding a park where you can camp. Being able to set up anywhere and camp can give you a lot of options for exploring the world. Make an investment in your truck by getting it ready for camping. If you don’t have a truck canopy, a truck tent can take your camping to the next level.

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