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Elissant would be the fourth Westerner to die of winter fever caused by muscle cramps and the flu.

Alicent and Raenara Targaryen are like best friends and sisters. King Viserys helps Alice after Gemma’s death. Then he decided to marry her. After Alicent’s death, Alicent’s son Aegon was born in Reinaira. Aegon is more likely to inherit the Iron Throne than Raenira. Many believe that Reinaira should inherit the Iron Throne of Alicent. The final straw came when Alicent found out that Rayenayra slept with Kristen Cole and then lied to Alicent about it in episode 5.

Alicent Hightower?

After waiting 10 years to reconcile with Alicent, mostly to restore their relationship, Princess Raena refuses the generous olive branch. After the Targaryen civil war there was a plague in Westeros and Alicent died. Alicent spent the last year alone with his septs (priests), guards and slaves. All his family members are dead.

Because of the isolation, Alicent started talking to himself. He hates green because it symbolizes his group with Aegon in A Dance of Dragons.

Is Alicent dead?

Alicent would be the fourth Westerner to die of winter fever. After the onset of symptoms on Thursday, the patient became delirious and eventually died of convulsions and muscle spasms.


Alicent dies subsequent to perusing the tale of the mythical serpent’s home. Each piece is popular. You can peruse or watch the program for more data. More data about every job can be seen as on the web.

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