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Do you know Gabriel March Granados? Do you know someone who has received the longest prison sentence? Gabriel March Granados was sentenced to the maximum prison term for attempted paper theft. Many people in different countries like USA are looking for a reason for his arrest.

Granados was a postal worker in Spain and was sentenced to 384,912 years in prison for receiving the contents, but was able to deliver 42,784 letters. Today we will discuss Wiki Granados Gabriel in March.

What was the reason for Gabriel’s long prison sentence?

Gabriel March was a Spanish employee who worked as a temporary accountant in the city at the post office “Mallorca” on January 28, 1968. He was only 18 years old when he started working at the post office. He served two years. It was decommissioned on 31 March 1970 after several defects were discovered during operation.

He couldn’t send over 40,000 emails without opening thirty-five million and deleting the contents. The judge sentenced him to 384,912 years in prison, but reduced it to 14 years and two months.

Gabriel March Granados?

Gabriel, mentioned above, is the longest-living man in the prison’s history. According to Wiki, he didn’t send 42,784 emails, but opened 35,718 in total and stole 50,000 items. After investigations into the incident, the suspect was charged with multiple thefts, fraud and breach of contract. .

Ultimately, the prosecutor was able to award the defendant a sentence of 384,912 years and 19 million euros. The judge did not increase the sentence, which meant his prison time was reduced.

Granados Gabriel March Wiki These days it happens on social networks that people are curious about the crime for which he received the longest prison sentence.

More information about Gabriel March

Gabriel is trending on social media right now. It appears on news and meme sites. People said funny things about him. Spanish postal worker. He was imprisoned for a very long time for many fraudulent activities as a postal worker.

After it was deemed suspicious, the postal service was able to investigate the situation. They exposed many of the misdeeds he was involved in during his tenure, which lasted more than two years. According to Granado’s Gabriel March Wiki, he was convicted of plagiarism and lack of information. He was found guilty of several charges and ordered to pay a fine of 19 million euros. Click here for more information on the Gabriel Wiki.


This post details the mistake Gabriel made. Gabriel was young when he started working at the post office. He has been involved in numerous scams and committed crimes during that time. The judge could always get a prison sentence because the sentence was too high. He was accused of plagiarizing the document and not submitting the content.

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