Learn the basics of the game by reading the Google Theredel COM site and we’ll try to answer all your questions in the next section.

Tired of old modded games? Want to try new games? This game is extremely entertaining. The people of Brazil, the United States, Australia, Canada and Brazil are fascinating. This game is called DEIDEL COM. This game is made by Google and they announced that you can use Google Assist to play this game.

The most important information about the game is available in this article by DEEIDELCOM from Google. Read the article carefully for more information.

What exactly is Dreidel?

A dreidel is actually a top of four faces printed with Hebrew letters on both sides. It is used during Hanukkah so that children can play with it. In this game, the player spins the three pieces and places a bet on where the Hebrew letter is when the rotation stops. Kids can enjoy nuts, candies, dried fruits, any other small snacks, as well as piruto gel, which is generally made with chocolate pieces wrapped in a thin sheet.

Google Dreidel instructions and rules for COM games

  • Anyone of any age can play Dreidel, although children are more likely to do so.
  • The original dreadlocks made in the beginning were in clay. However, most modern dreidels are plastic and wood.
  • Start by playing an introductory game.
  • There are twenty and twenty sweets or frosts per person to celebrate Hanukkah.
  • A single dreidel can be played simultaneously.
  • A piece of parquet must have a solid surface.

The players first form circles. Google DEIDEL Game. They can put it on the table or on the floor. Each player receives an equal amount of jelly or candy. Each competitor places an ice cold unit in the “middle” pot at the start of the game.

Engaging in gameplay

Each player spins the top at least once. Each Hebrew letter has a specific meaning that is important in the context of games.

For example:

  • NUN: It is said that rotation has no effect when 3D plants without a nun are against it.
  • Gimmel: Spinner takes the whole pot when three dozen fall while Gimmel is in place.

You will find more information about Google DEIDEL COM below.

  • The HEI that spins wins half the pot if the dreidel hits this Hei.
  • Shin bone. When a player adds a game object into the bowl, whether the dreidel either goes up or up.
  • A player is removed from the game when he has completed his game tracks.


Finally, this article provides information about traditional Dreeidel and covers its rules, its variants, and how Google has put it online. Follow the link below.


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