In this article, we have included all the information about Geno Smith College Statistics.

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Recently, designated quarterback Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith led his team to a victory in the first game of Week 1. Click here to learn more about Geno Smith’s college stats.

What is Geno Smith?

Born on October 10, 1990, Geno Smith played college football at West Virginia University. He led his team to many title runs, set records and received many awards.

In his first season at West Virginia University, he played backup quarterback for Brown. He completed the passing game 32 of 49 attempts for 309 yards, a touchdown and an interception. He also rushed for seven yards on 17 attempts. He averaged 81.1 yards per attempt at the end of his first year.

Tavon Austin College Statistics

American-born Tavon Austin is an American football player who plays as a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills. Most recently, Austin was dismissed from the team in early September. Austin also began his football career at West Virginia.

The 5’8 pro played nine NFL seasons with four teams, including the Cowboys and Rams. Stats include 22.39 yards, 24.4 catches and 29 points. They returned 190 points for 1,515 yards.

More about Geno Smith

Many people have asked, where did Geno Smith go to college? Geno and Austin both attended West Virginia University. From 2009 to 2012, he was part of the West Virginia Mountaineers football team.

Geno Smith also played nine seasons with teams like the Jets and his Seahawks. Smith completed 7,112 first half passes for 36 touchdowns. In the Broncos’ game against the Denver Broncos on Saturday night, Smith averaged 119.5. Smith replaces Broncos rookie Russell Wilson.

Where Geno Smith played college football, his stats and which team he will play for in the NBL in 2022 are some of the questions fans will want to enjoy after the game.

Smith attended school in Miramar, Florida. He was a member of the Miramar New York Jets from 2013 to 2016 and was drafted by the New York Giants in 2017. He spent the 2018 season with the Los Angeles Chargers and will play for the same Seattle Seahawks in early 2019.

Estimated operating cost for Geno Smith in 2022 is $3,500,000. His base salary is $1,260,000. Geno Smith’s 2022 signing bonus is $5,000 and his weekly salary is $585,000. In addition, he is contractually entitled to an active bonus of $65,000 ($1.105 million) per game. Total lifetime earnings for 10 years, about $1394,078. In 2013, he was fined just another $12,000.

Geno Smith’s contract with the Seattle Seahawks covers one season and is expected to have an average salary of $3,500,000, a signing bonus of $500,000 and $500,000 in total guarantees.

His final decision

Geno Smith and Tavon Austin notably played for West Virginia University and reached great heights in their careers. With Geno now with the Seattle Seahawks, the Buffalo Bills released Tavon along with P Matt Huck. Geno Smith’s passing yards per game against the Broncos is 195. Read Wikipedia’s Geno Smith review here:


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