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I recently discovered a website called Flash Rewards (flashrewards.uk). You can win 100 TL gift card by filling out the payment form.

This seems like a great opportunity to earn some extra money in the current situation, especially with the quarantine. Millions of people today struggle to pay their bills and need cash!

As with the saying “Dinner is not for cowards”, you have to be careful. As you can see, many websites can do simple things in exchange for monetary rewards, but many websites use different payment methods.

Ask if he can get his money back after the show. Is Flash Rewards a good site? Register before reading.

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Title: Flash Award
Company Name: Original Media Source, LLC
Website: Flashrewards.ru
Option: United Kingdom (+18).
Type: Supplier
Overall rating: 2/5

What are Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards is a website owned and operated by Main Source Media, LLC. UK residents can earn over £100 by providing contact details, completing surveys and filling out coupons.

The company receives a commission from the advertiser who uses coupons through Fash Rewards. However, payment will be made upon completion of all contracts.

Flash Rewards differs from most GTP sites in that you can view and complete each challenge instead of earning points. You can also select just one deal from the list of options before proceeding to the next page. Equals 20 donations.

The problem is, you don’t know what coupons are waiting for you on the next page. This is not mine!

How does flash compensation work?

First, there are two bonuses.

Level 1: Less than £100 Bonus – Four coupons to be filled.
Level 2: £100 – Requires 10 or more bonuses to complete.
The first step is to provide personal information such as date of birth, zip code, email address, phone number by answering a few questions.

Flash Rewards requests permission to share contact information with third-party partners. Fortunately, you can proceed without checking this box.

A few more questions are asked to match offers by demographics.

Now the fun begins! On the next page, you need to schedule an appointment before moving on to the next. Read and select the terms of each coupon and click “Accept Terms”.


You will find three coupons:

Free coupons. You must register to share information with other companies.
Purchase Offer – invites you to accept a deposit or purchase a product or service.
Subscription Coupon – Requires subscription for a service that is billed monthly.
All deliveries must be completed within 20 days of the original completion date.


Is the flash bonus legal? Do you receive compensation?

Sponsor offers instead of rewards are great, but always difficult!

Whatever platform you use, there is always a risk of default. This is because many companies do not properly monitor their supply chains and report errors in their systems to avoid being blamed. I don’t know what’s going on in the background!

When I looked through some reviews on Trustpilot, I found mixed opinions about this site. The General Flash Awards aren’t great with 2 stars out of 5!

Some said they followed all instructions and deposited their money without any problems. However, many people pay to participate in surveys to let the site know that they are not paying to voice their dissatisfaction.

Although Flash Rewards is a legit site, it is not possible to pay for it.


Good and bad

Participation is free.
Money is a good reward.
there is also a minus
Most coupons require a deposit.
Companies collect contact information for marketing purposes. So expect a lot of phone calls and promotional emails.
There are many complaints about wages.


I am not interested in the valuation of the final fund. The main reason is a huge waste of time and money when problems arise.

Judging by the numerous online surveys, the Flash Prize is seen as a great opportunity. Unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee.


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