We discuss the key aspects of the Fed’s July 2022 meeting and what experts have to say about the likely outcome of the meeting.

We look forward to the next Fed meeting. Do you know the dates set for the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting in 2022? Also want to know what economists have to say about the upcoming meeting?

US and Indian experts will closely follow the US Federal Reserve System meeting, which begins on Tuesday and ends on Wednesday. Let us read the message regarding the CB meeting held in July 2022 and see what outcome is expected from the meeting.

When will the meeting be?

2022 Conference Calendar.

January 25-26
March 15-16
May 3-4
June 14-15
July 26-27
September 20-21
November 1-2
December 13-14
Each year, the FOMC holds eight meetings at which it makes economic forecasts. The meeting is economically significant, and how the economy develops depends on the forecast. For example, raising rates means slowing economic growth because everything will cost more.

Conversely, if interest rates are falling, it means there is more money in the market and thus the economy is growing. Therefore, in the middle of the 2022 calendar of the Federal Council, experts are constantly watching and waiting for the outcome of this month’s two-day meeting.

The Fed has said interest rates will rise in 2022, as interest rates were zero during the Covid-19 pandemic. This step is taken to curb inflation.

What do experts say about this meeting?

Most economists say the FOMC will raise rates by 75 basis points. But some analysts believe interest rates will fall because the economy is too weak to maintain higher rates.

Expectations from the July 2022 Fed meeting.

According to various sources, the central bank will raise interest rates by 0.75% in this month’s session. But Fed Governor Christopher Waller said the bank would not change interest rates. Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said a change of 75 or 100 basis points would be appropriate.

Federal Reserve System Chairman Jerome Powell also says the economy is far from recessionary. In reality, however, opinions were divided. Joe Biden also said the day before the Fed’s July 2022 meeting that he doesn’t expect a recession in the country, even though CPI data expected this week will show the economy slowed in the second quarter. . . . .

What is the outcome of the June 2022 meeting?

At the fourth FOMC meeting in June, the Fed decided to raise the Treasury rate by 75 basis points, the biggest hike since 1994. They cited several related reasons, including the spread of Covid-19, rising prices and the situation. etc.


Everyone is looking forward to the July 2022 Fed meeting. The meeting will end tomorrow and let’s wait for the outcome of this decision. In the meantime, you can read summaries of previous FOMC meetings here.


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