This article will confirm the death of Pharrell Prayoga. This is half the evidence that this report is false. See the article for more details.

Did you know Pharrell Prayoga who announced his death? Trout is one of the most popular children’s songs. News of his death circulated on social media in the Philippines for days.

Most of these people know why Pharrell Prayoga died. Together they decided to take a closer look at his death story. We want to find the truth.

Disclaimer: We utilize all data from news entrances and concentrated sites. This data is for enlightening purposes as it were.

What is the truth?

Many fans want to know why Pharrell died. We see that death reports are inaccurate. This can be exposed as a scam on social media. Therefore, mortality is not available.

Trout Wikimedia Commons

Farol will be a famous singer. Twelve years ago for him. He is known for his song “OJ Dibandingke”. News of his death was posted on social media on Oct. 27, where people read information about his funeral, death and burial.

However, in the thirteenth month of the Gregorian calendar 2022, people saw it on a national television program. Farol is alive so the report of his death is false.

Farrell on social media

As the news spread on social media, many mourned Farol’s death. Others post “hello” messages on various social media sites. Many fans sent tearful condolences on social media.

We’ll look at Farrol’s social media involvement next.

His chief executives Citi Norjayana and Joko Suyota walk the floor. Since the trout is a baby, it will be easy to identify the female, offspring and lover.

Pharrell Live List

  • Name / Real Name – Pharrell Prayoga
  • Trout is a good name.
  • Occupation – singer
  • Date of Birth: 8 March
  • The zodiac sign is Leo.
  • Age – twelve years old
  • Birthplace – Banyuwangi
  • Country – Indonesia
  • Single or alone
  • Name of unmarried woman
  • No name of a friend.

Light: What happened?

The news of the death of popular singer Pharol Prayok has spread on social media. His body was later buried. His fans were devastated to hear the news. Some think of him as a good singer.

Many generally believed that neither Farrell’s family nor other authorities had been informed of his death. Fans saw the thirteenth month of the Gregorian calendar 2022 on a TV channel.

This proves the report to be false. Qhantatix ​​is ​​twelve years old. Some criticized those who spread false information about Farolo’s death, the story emerged.

Many people tried to find out where the myths were spreading.

They checked all social media and found that followers were spreading fake Twitter accounts.

Other Information

Trout are Muslim. We don’t want to acknowledge anything about his kindness. He is in sixth form at Baiuvangi College.


According to reports, the story of Pharrell’s death is petty and false. You can check out Ferrell’s music here.


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