In this Faciway review, we are here to give you details about this store that can help you decide if it is a scam or a legit company to trade. We’ll see if it’s a scam on or a legit company.

What is

It is an online retailer that sells clothing and fashion for men, including trousers, shirts, accessories, outerwear and more. There are many things you need to know before choosing the best store.

Faciway has been placed in a suspicious category for the following reasons:

Company Address:

The address of the company is provided through the Contact Us page for Topln Trading (Hong Kong) Co., Limited 702/7/F, Room 702, Center, No. 53-55 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Google Maps was unable to locate the exact location and no company by the name of Faciway and Topln Trading (Hong Kong) Co., Limited is listed at or near any part of this address. Instead, there is a thermal center at this address. It has been found that this address is used by many malicious websites such as Afitch, Casekis, RukkuFashion, Rianman, Lybuddy etc. If the same address is used by several companies in Hong Kong, you should know that this is not the real address of this company but an address hired by the virtual address provider to set up the business. So of course it is related to a site with a lot of problems. The company’s contact number is not listed on the website. Therefore, we cannot rely on this company for any kind of online marketing.

Site Security

McAfee has left an unreliable mark on the detail side of the product. Therefore, your personal and financial information, such as credit card numbers, may be stolen when you shop on this site.

You translate content.

We found that the product images used in their catalog were not original which could be the site taking photos from other sites or just selling clothes or other items. There are many details on their website such as the theme of their website matching the website with many problems.

Come back and change.

It comes with its own return and exchange policy, which proves to be very fraudulent when exchanging or returning products. It is almost impossible to get a full refund on these types of sites due to the unclear organization.

Customer complaints and deliveries.

Customer support and turnaround time for sites like this is very poor, as evidenced by complaints from users of similar sites.

Our final verdict.

Based on the above facts on this site, we can conclude that Faciway is one of the suspicious sites.

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Many online stores claim to offer a variety of products at great discounts, but most of them are scams. Hence, it is recommended to stay away from new online stores or at least do some research before buying things from the latest online stores as most of these online stores do not ship the purchased products to their customers or deliver unusual or inferior products . quality. Some fraudulent sites charge customer credit cards without authorization. If you make a purchase on a fraudulent website, we recommend that you notify your credit card or bank immediately to protect your credit card information.


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