The guide highlights Evoline reviews to help online readers determine if it is safe to shop on this site.

Are you a big fan of clothes and vintage shoes? Do you want to buy vintage fashion clothes online?

In the store, there are more established models, yet in addition 40% limits on the mid year assortment. Customers will find T-shirts, clothing, suits, hoodies, shorts and ladies’ late spring clothing. The store targets clients in the United States and Canada. In any case, it is critical to peruse Evoline reviews online prior to purchasing coming up.

What about Evelyn? is an online fashion clothing and accessories store. The online store specializes in vintage clothing and fashion for men and women. The store features tops, T-shirts, shorts, suits and fashionable women’s clothing.

The store also offered new summer clothes at a 40% discount. The store offers free worldwide shipping on orders over $100, so customers can skip this step and order online with free shipping. However, some users wonder if it is safe in the US. I found Evoline Legit while browsing online reviews.

Definition of information

Website link –
Products include T-shirts, shorts, suits, dresses and women’s clothing.
Payment options include Apple Pay, PayPal and credit cards.
Please email support –
Telephone Support – +62 838 6234 2954
Store Address – Not applicable to the website.
Newspaper subscription – not available.
Domain Creation Date – October 26, 2020, one year nine months ten days
Shipping Instructions – Orders are processed upon receipt of payment. Delivery takes 10-20 days depending on the customer’s location. If items are shipped from our warehouse, a confirmation email with a tracking number will be sent within 72 hours of delivery.

Return and refund policy. According to Evoline C, the store sends all refunds within 30 days of receipt. Items must be returned in their original unused packaging for a full refund. The recovery takes 5-10 days.
Social media links – offline

Benefits of Evolyn

Vintage style clothing for men and women
“Last Summer” collection sale.
Accepting payment options
Offers and discounts for all customers
Free shipping on orders over $100
It is possible to go back and forth.

The damage to Evoline

All the fake information on the internet
The store owner’s name and address have not been released.
Do not create active pages on social networks.

Is Evelyn legit or fake?

It is important to check the legitimacy of before purchasing from the store. This will help you stay safe and prevent potential fraud online. So, after checking, we found the following information.

The website domain was registered one year and nine months ago on October 26, 2016. The domain name was renewed last year on September 25, 2021, and the name was renewed for another year until October 26 2022.
The confidence level is 60%, the confidence level is 52.9%. These estimates are based on the age of the domain name and do not guarantee legitimacy. Therefore, you should research the site before you buy.

No comments about Evolin on the official website. No online solicitations from any customer.

It does not contain the website owner, address and other confidential information.
The site has no social media icons, which means they don’t work on social media.
Much of the information on the site seems inconsistent and the selection is wrong.
Considering all these factors, this website cannot be completely trusted. Customers are therefore advised to check the website before purchasing.

Client details

This site does not contain customer reviews or endorsements. We have not received any reviews of Evoeline from any online customer. So the website looks questionable without any information, information and evidence.

In addition, the site does not work on social networks, so you will not receive reviews, reviews or reviews from Internet users. We must check the website carefully before making a purchase to prevent fraud. Also read credit card fraud detection tips to stay safe.

Closure is an online store that sells vintage clothing and accessories. There are also warm clothes with good discounts. But there is not much important information that makes the website look suspicious. In addition, the website has no information or reviews, and I have not found any information on the Evoeline website to confirm its reliability. Therefore, we encourage all buyers and sellers to research the store thoroughly before making a purchase. Also, don’t forget to read our helpful tips for spotting PayPal scams.

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