Our Emmacheng review study describes the features, benefits and legitimacy of the Emmacheng store. Please read and find out.

Are you interested in questions related to the world of medicine? People in medicine especially like to collect things related to body parts. Medicine artist Emmacheng has opened a global online store that sells unique art of different body parts. Emmacheng Reviews will inform you about the collection of this website. If the reader wants to know the legality of this, see this post.

Emmacheng Store Overview

As we mentioned, this store is run by a medical artist who prints his artistic talent on various products and sells them online. Lungs, brains, surgical kits, etc. are printed on things like phone cases, stands, etc. they are printed and sold online. Check out his collection below:

Telephone support
artistic impression
gift bags
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Telephone support

Is Emmacheng legit? This will be answered later. People are desperate for Emmacheng’s legitimacy. We have collected the information from many online sources and prepared this article. Hackers can track the manipulation or misuse of your information. They get all the necessary credentials like phone number, bank account number and other important details and withdraw the amount from your bank. Therefore, you should be careful when buying from unknown sources.

Features of Emmacheng

Buy glasses at https://www.emmacheng.com/.
Email: emmacreats@gmail.com
Phone number: Not available
Location information: 3971 Apt. B 17th CA 94114, Street San Francisco, USA
No reviews were found on Emmacheng’s official website. Reviews from other websites are also missing.

Delivery policy: Packages are delivered within 10-14 days of placing the order.

Return policy: After receiving the package, you can request a return within a week if you are not satisfied.

Positive points

Email and address information available.

Negative points

The phone number disappears from the screen.
Reviews are missing from websites and official store.
Social page available, but no customer reviews found.

Is Emmacheng legit?

This section contains all the critical factors that determine whether this page is allowed. For the safety of the customer, it is important to share all information. To avoid fraud, I mention the legitimacy of Emmacheng here. So, read on.

Registration date: May 25, 2014 is the official registration date of Emmacheng Store. The site was registered eight years ago. The lifetime of the site is therefore good.
Trust Points: The trade is less dangerous and reliable because it has a multiplier of eighty six percent. It received excellent reliability scores.
Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc. is the registrar of the Emmacheng website.
Customer Testimonials: Our team could not find any reviews of Emmacheng on the official website. Websites rate your products.
Social media: The store is only available on Instagram. It mentions the Facebook icon but redirects to the login view.
Data security: The store encrypts data using the HTTPS protocol. It helps in secure data transfer.
Missing information: The website owner’s information and phone number were not provided in the broadcast. The store provided other contact information.
Policy: We found a satisfactory policy on the site. The customer can find his terms of use in these sections.
Expiry date: The domain name expires on May 25, 2023.

Comment by Emmacheng

Our team has not seen any customer feedback on these curated websites. Not helping customers makes for a boring website. We also investigated other online review sites. But we had nothing in hand. No sites have reviewed your collection. The page is on Instagram, but there are no reviews, ratings or customer reviews. However, we found a Facebook icon in your design, but it doesn’t redirect to the login page. All these factors make us question the legitimacy of this website. See also how to avoid credit card fraud.

Concluding remarks

In summary, from Emmacheng’s feedback article, we found that the store was registered many years ago and has a good trust rate. All this indicates that the website is safe to use. But all other factors must be taken into account. We can conclude that it looks like a suspicious website based on common factors. We also advise everyone to be aware of protected practices to avoid PayPal fraud.

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