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Do you have at least some idea what has been going on with DJ Hookie? Do you have any idea what made DJ Hookie crash? Provided that this is true, this is the article you are searching for. DJ Hookie is a well known DJ in Canada and the United States.

In the present post we’ll discuss DJ Hookie’s accident and why it worked out. For more data, follow the blog beneath.

Reason for DJ Hookie’s accident:

DJ Hookie’s genuine name is Tom Nash. He is as of now a well known DJ. Meanwhile, assuming you contemplate what befell Tom Nash also known as DJ Hookie. At age 19, DJ Hookie lost a leg and arm when he contracted meningococcal septicemia. Its worth in 2022 is about $ 1 million.

A decade prior he began being a DJ. He is known for his melodic abilities and is viewed as his nation’s dance club. To dig into the narrative of DJ Hookie, individuals remember him for his customary home bases and incredible music, when this well known DJ chose to utilize his clench hands rather than his hands when he was determined to have meningococcal septicemia.

More about DJ Hookie:

DJ Hookie, otherwise called Tom Nash, is known for his fantastic melodic abilities. Tom presently fills in as a speaker and DJ at a club. It was a bad dream on the planet.

Albeit the man was determined to have meningococcal septicemia and broken arms and legs, he didn’t surrender. Abruptly DJ Hookie Accident showed up in the business passing on the beat and utilizing snares to shoot records.

Tom Nash, otherwise called DJ Hookie, lost a leg and arm at 19 years old in 2001. Notwithstanding, Tom never surrendered and his life changed. He then, at that point, followed his adoration for music to the zenith of his vocation.

He has played a wide range of music since its origin when he lost four appendages in 2001 because of disease. He is likewise a public speaker. As of now, DJ Hookie has no different diseases that keep him from proceeding with his affection for music.

About the DJ Hookie Incident:

Scratch Nash, nicknamed DJ Hookie, was only 19 years of age when he was determined to have meningococcal septicemia in 2001. In any case, the man has never abandoned his adoration for music and has arrived at his top in the music business. . . . .. His family upheld him a great deal to accomplish his objectives and his affection for music.


DJ Hookie lost each of the four of his legs to torment at 19 years old, yet he never lost his advantage in music. This article contains itemized data. Furthermore, if you need to become familiar with DJ Hookie, click this connection.

This post shares subtleties of DJ Hookie’s experiences and excursions.

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