Have you ever met a scammer? How do I know if my social media account has been hacked? Everyone cares about their social media accounts. However, recently, many American users have encountered fraud. In early July, a group of hackers discovered a new way to hack all data. To learn more about the scam, read the DiscordShamingServer scam article. In this article, you will learn how to tell whether you are lying or not.

about the shameful servant

Let’s talk about Discord first. Discord is a social messaging platform. Users can communicate via voice, text and video.

However, on July 1st, Discord created a new server (Name and Shame) and gathered nearly 1,000 members several times. Don’t love her her! These rumors are known to deceive servants who reveal discord. It was created by a group of fake server hackers. Their sole purpose is to collect all our information. They sent invitations to Discord users and forced them to follow links. When a Discord user clicks on the link, the hacker will hack your Discord account, automatically block messages, and lose your Discord friends. Isn’t it scary? This is because the data values ​​are not currently accessible. You should pay more attention to these kinds of fake servers.

About the scam message: DiscordShamingServer scam.

A new scam server (name and sham) created by the hacker will appear on the Discord screen. The URL was shown with the message discord.gg/uqu9xf22ja (name and shame). This message requires the operator to press repeatedly. When the user clicks on the URL link, the scanner icon suddenly appears on the screen. After viewing the code, log in to the server (Discord.gg). This way hackers can access your Discord account and access your information. So don’t approach DiscordShaming server scam.

What do we do when we receive such fake news?

Ignore the message! It doesn’t matter how provocative or persuasive the message seems to you. Don’t be fooled by this kind of cheating. If you see these messages, you should first review our reviews and then ignore them.

The information in this article is taken from details on the Internet.


We recommend that you ensure your safety and do not ignore this scam. We recommend that you change your password immediately if someone clicks on your spam link. Today’s DiscordShamingServer scam article pays particular attention and helps you click the link to see the details of the hunt.


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