This article describes a game bug related to a popular manga-based game that players are encountering online. Read more about Delta Captain Out.

Have you ever faced problems while playing a big manga-based game? If yes, you have come to the right article which contains all the necessary information on this topic as mentioned above.

Fans of the PVP simulator in the US have encountered various problems during exploration during the game’s mission. First, a technical error prevents the player from advancing to the next game level.

Game designers need to fix bugs in the game so that players can do something. Read more about Delta Captain Out.

Approximate Universal Time (AUT).

UTC is available as a PVP emulation based on the Roblox platform. The game consists of various manga characters.

The player can choose characters according to his experience and level of play. AUT is developed and owned by Universe Time Studio and was originally launched in 2018.

The game became popular among manga comics. Players must compete in different game modes to earn higher levels and game rewards. Multiplayer mode is another important feature offered to players.

Captain of Delta Air Lines

  • A Roblox player encountered a typo while playing AUT on PC, which prevented the player from completing the current mission.
  • A player uploaded a YouTube video that demonstrated the issue.
  • The video shows the player character approaching the DELTA captain who is in charge of recruiting.
  • When the recruit spoke to the captain, the captain did not answer.
    Several other players also commented on the broken mission. The connection between the page and the main page has been blocked due to a search error.

A study of the fallen estuary

  • Non-interactive Delta Captain Out is the result of aborting delta research.
  • Players couldn’t fix a broken quest because the quest instructions were completely blank with no other instructions or instructions.
  • Players have gone into the game settings and tried to display their characters in the game by clicking on the “Reset Icons” option. Unfortunately, even after the character change, there was no significant change.

Is there a solution?

  • There is currently no patch to fix the issue of incorrect quests.
  • A player with an empty search menu can add a character from the game settings. Learn Delta Captain Aut.
  • To reset the icon, press the “R” key and go to settings, select “People” and click the “Reset icons” button in the lower left corner of the screen.
  • If nothing changes after following the steps above, the user can go to settings, select “Report” and create a ticket that shows the problems in the screenshot.


Game crashes are common problems that online gaming platforms often encounter, and some problems prevent the player from catching up to some extent. Feel free to visit for more updated information on this topic.

Have you had any problems with Delta Captain Auto? If so, please explain below.

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