Welcome to my QT Garden App Review

Over a million people have started a Cutie Garden with $100 in funding through PayPal.

The gameplay is very good and addictive, but unlocking some levels can be frustrating But this financial incentive drives more people to watch sponsored videos

There are many similar games on Google Play and App Store, but unfortunately I didn’t find any game with which you can earn money.

You are here because you care more about money than games Will QT Gardens pay for it? Is it a scam or a fake app?

What is Sweet Garden?

Cutie Garden is a peer-to-peer game for Android and iOS devices The goal is to match identical creatures to unlock new creatures of the same value Sounds like the dog toy you reviewed earlier

When you unlock a new candy tier, you will receive virtual cash rewards that will be added to your account balance. Then when you reach $100, you can cash out via PayPal

By completing puzzles, you can win prizes like iPhone 11, Gucci bags, Versace watches and more.

QT Garden is sponsored by advertisers, so you have to watch the boring clip

In most cases, these videos are very wrong because they cost the player a lot of money Don’t fool any of them

Good and bad

Points of strength and weakness
It’s fun and helps pass the time
It is broken
You can’t reach $100
People can’t put the last piece of the puzzle together to get the prize
There is no proof of payment by QT Gardens
There are tons of ads promoting ridiculous “money making” games
Excessive battery and internet data usage

A beautiful garden is good? Does it pay off?

You can’t call Cutie Carden a scam without proof, but you can get it for $100 and pay for it.

Unfortunately, the same applies to Puppy Town, Doggy Go, etc All these slot games use the same strategy to avoid big payouts

You start by paying a large amount of virtual currency, but once you reach $100, your income drops and you have to pay a minimum amount.

Many people write reviews saying they can’t afford to spend $100 No players found any money

Those who gave positive reviews did so because they asked the developer to review the app within minutes of launching the game.



Cutie Garden is another game where you can watch a lot of videos Because before they make $100, they go broke

They have been playing in the garden for many days, but they don’t have money to join

If you need cash, avoid Cutie Garden and other PayPal cash games They are all advertising vehicles that work for their owners

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Last word

Thank you for taking the time to read the QT Garden App review If you want to share your thoughts about the game, leave a comment below


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