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Do you want to buy your groceries every day? Do you know of sites with the most product listings? If not, then we will tell you in detail here. This site is the main repository for all P&G products. This place is very famous in USA.

Today’s post on Costco Getpgofer, we will discuss all the information about the site and its authenticity. Follow the blog below for more details.

Information about;

This online shopping site has the largest selection of all P&G products. The site offers various daily necessities such as dishwashers, washing machines. Shavers Kitchen Tools In addition, the site offers a $25 Costco Store Card for the purchase of $100 worth of P&G products at a time. The site offers a variety of products such as Tide, Gillette, Olay, Pantene, Bounce and more.

Advertising from Costco 1.1.

  • Website URL:
  • Website launch: Website launch date is 17/03/1997.
    End location: Website closed on 18/03/2023.
  • Telephone number: The telephone number for the website is 888 254 4054.
  • Social media: Icons on their website include Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Web address: The company currently operates in eight countries. including various locations
  • Web Developer Name: There is no information about the web developer in his profile.
  • Delivery Time: According to Costco Getpgofer Com, 3-5 days to deliver order.
  • Refund Service: The website offers a 90-day refund service on a subscription basis.
  • Payment method: No payment method.

According to policy;

  • Domain Availability Date: Website launched on 17/03/1997.
  • Percentage of Encrypted Items: There is no information on how encrypted the site is.
  • Trust score: The site’s trust score is very good, around 99%.
  • Social media: Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are icons on their website.
  • Alexa Ranking: Costco According to Getpgoffer Com, this website has an Alexa global ranking of around #447.

Customer Feedback;

There are many customer reviews of their products on their website. This site has a global Alexa rank of #447. This site is available on various social networks. But there are no social reviews and the online site has a number of reviews.

Final Thought:

The store offers a wide selection of merchandise products with discounts and does a good job. This article explains it all. And if you want to know more about the sale, click on this link.

This article takes a closer look at the shopping site and its connection to Costco Getpgofer.

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