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Chris Askew, Roanoke

Chris is from Roanoke, Virginia. perhaps a town in the mountainous region of southwestern Virginia. He was a popular teacher at Cave Spring High School in Roanoke.

Obituary for Chris Askew

According to sources, Chris died of cancer. His official obituary was published on May 12, 2019. Details of his ceremony, funeral and last rites were disclosed to the media by his family. Various online sources have confirmed his death. He battled cancer several times. Other sources say he died in a car accident. However, several sources in the North American country say he died after a short battle with cancer.

Chris Askew jumps on board

Legendary Cave Spring coach Chris Askew is a talent. Cave Spring may be a high school in Roanoke, Virginia. His students were under his care for some time. His excessive hours annoyed everyone. His friends, family, students and many supporters are mourning his death. He passed away forty-five years ago and was survived by 2 children, Luke (and Lorraine), this is truly a great loss to us all.

Chris Askew Roanoke WV says he was born to Jay Askew, Oklahoma and Ruthann Askew, Oklahoma. He married Jennifer Lang Askew on Epiphany, 1996. Everyone mourned his death and attended his last rites.


That concludes this post. Chris died prematurely. His family continues to mourn his death. We often talk about his profession and work in this post. Other sources say he died in a car accident. may not be true. he once lost his life in a battle with cancer.

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