Welcome to Candy Crackman’s review!

I came across another fun game called Candy Crack.

Developers promote their apps as an opportunity to win more PayPal coins.

But there is no bonus icon in Google Play app description. They deleted the cash balance from the game screenshots.

You don’t want to see a lot of ads to play and enjoy this game Is Candy Crack a legal game or a fake money game?

What is powdered sugar?

Candy Crack is a puzzle game where you have to find and destroy at least two identical candies.

The game offers virtual dollars and virtual currencies that can be redeemed via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and app credits. However, you can only withdraw after reaching Rs.1000 or Rs.50,000.

How is sugar broken down?

Candy Crack is available for Android devices on Google Play.

Install the app on your phone to access your photos and other files.

So, if you are concerned about privacy and data, think before installing Candy Crack. Prevention is more important than cure!

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How to burst candy?

Easy to say! You can increase your score by destroying 2 candies. The more candies you destroy at once, the higher your score.

When the indicator reaches a certain point, you can earn virtual dollars and gold coins.

Is it legal to crush candy? Payment?

No, No Candy Crack will not give you real money! I’ve been looking for reviews on Google Play, but haven’t found anything that accepts payments.

Many users are not happy that the game is no longer rewarding and piles up to a certain amount, requiring a minimum of $1,000 so that people can’t withdraw.

Another user reached $1,000 but was asked to log in for 400 days to use the money.

The same goes for the Enigma business. You cannot collect enough coins to earn this reward!

You can avoid paying commission based on unusual activity detection.

If you meet these or other requirements, do not trust a program that claims to make money with PayPal. No matter how much you play, you don’t get paid!

They want to monetize ads that appear during play


Could it be a substitute for crackers?

Yes, at least 6 block puzzles are located:

This is the treatment.

Don’t waste your time and wait for real money and awesome rewards in Candy Crack. Please don’t make a mistake. You are not paid

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last word

Thanks for reading our review of Candy Crack. Glad this helped!

So what do you think of this game? What is your experience? Leave your candid comments below.


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