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Do you prefer beaches or mountains? Have you ever thought of going on a family vacation? If you want somewhere far away in a beautiful seaside resort, you have many options.

Located on the Atlantic coast, Caerula Mar Club welcomes guests from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. If you want to visit this place, walk further to know the exact location and view of Caerula Mar Club.

Customer attitude

Caerula Mar Club is located at 5CQ5 + HMR, Queen’s Hwy, Driggs Hill, Bahamas. The hotel is located near the beach and offers various services to its customers, including a spa, an outdoor swimming pool, two bars and a restaurant.

More than 200 people wrote reviews with an overall rating of 4.6/5. Many said the villa has a great location, albeit overpriced. Based on reviews, the resort’s food is fantastic. There is no denying that this resort has incredible views and a beautiful beach.

Acquisition of Caerula Mar Club 2022

Renovation Island, the hit HGTV series Bryan and Sarah Baeumler have transformed a luxury resort in the Bahamas into an abandoned resort. The hotel opened to guests in February 2020 and many reviewers praised the design of the property. Others commented that the resort environment was bland and the food bland.

But critics say the service is a bit ambitious. Caerula Mar Club is closed from mid-August to October. Canadian couple Bryan and Sarah Baeumler now own the resort, which is a disused hotel. The Caerula Mar Club was sold to a couple in 2022 for $2 million.

Caerula Mar Club price per day

If you’re planning to visit a resort and wondering how many repairs to make, we’re here to help. The resort usually has mild weather from May to mid-November. Currently, the price of the cottage is between $200 and $145 per night.

Club suites cost between $200 and $100 per night. Holiday rates, at least Christmas and New Years, range from $250 to $250 for suites; for a cottage it ranges from $200 to $1,715.

Reviews of Caerula Mar Club show that many go there after watching the HGTV show.

Baeumler’s total investment is approximately $10 million to convert the vacant hotel property into a luxury hotel.

Last Judgement

In short, if you are planning to relax on a beach with unique views, you can try this resort. However, keep in mind these prices, which may be more expensive than expected. The hotel is accessible from South Andros Airport and Lynden Pindling National Airport (NAS). So read on

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