Blur Wordle describes a game mode that explains the phenomenon of color blindness and how to activate it.

Wordle has made a place in the minds of puzzle lovers and people want to know everything about the game. His clones like Quardle, Hurdle and Nerdle are doing well in the US. and in countries like England.

Digital media has been caught up with various voices and clones for the past two months and provides daily updates. This article explains its various features and how they can benefit players.

To learn more about Wordle types, continue reading Fuzzy Wordle.

Different types of Wordle;

Wordle clones have recently attracted the attention of many players and developers, but are now common. At the beginning of the Wordle review, people really learned how to play the game and the rules.

At a glance, we can see that the game has a lot to offer when it comes to reviewing various aspects of the game. The game has become a daily occurrence for crossword puzzles in Canada and Australia.

There are three different modes in the game.

  • That’s how strong it is
  • Dark theme
  • Big difference

Speech mode blurring and its benefits:

The difficulty level depends on the game and changes the guessing method in the game. Basically, players use words of their choice, and if the letter and location are correct, the tiles will be red or green.

When it is difficult, players must place a book on the green and red tiles to try to guess. The high contrast mode is known as the enhanced display mode, in this mode red and green colors are replaced by blue and orange.

By default, the error message is grey; For example, in Blur Wordle, the tile is gray because of the wrong letter.

More contrast is provided for color blind people because it is known that blue and orange are best perceived by people who are color blind.

How can you create color blindness?

Players using colorblind mode can share their scores on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook by sharing their blue and orange boxes. Players can use it to show off their knowledge to friends and colleagues.

Follow the steps mentioned below to enable color blindness.

  • Open Wordle on your desktop and go to Settings on the right.
  • A mysterious sequence against a strong and dark stylized background.
  • Rotate the brush to select red blind mode.
  • Go back to your table and start playing.
  • Instead of red and green, it will be blue and orange.

This feature does not affect Wordle playback.

Final Decision:

Although the developer of the simple puzzle game tried to make it interesting by adding new elements to the game. Hard mode can increase the difficulty, color mode is for those who want it.

Wordle players can share their thoughts on various aspects of the game in Blur Wordle Comments.


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