Blueesashop Reviews analyzes the effectiveness of e-commerce and summarizes the results for online shoppers.

Are you a sports fan who loves street culture clothing? Blueesashop aims to attract Canadian shoppers with a flair for fashion and street style.

The online store sells women’s and men’s clothing. You can also get discounts on various winter clothes. Read the Blueesashop reviews for more information on the site. website:

Blueesashop sells men’s and women’s clothing on an e-commerce site. Its product is aimed at people aged 18 to 35 who love street fashion. Customers can enjoy up to 60% discount on various products when shopping on site.

On this site you can buy dresses, trousers, jackets and jeans. Most items cost between $ 10 and $ 100. Customers should verify the authenticity of the site before purchasing.

Let’s take a look at Ice Blueesashop Cool to see its pros and cons.


Domain name –
Website address:
Articles – Clothing for men and women
Payment method: PayPal active credit and debit card.
Delivery Process: 10-15 days for Canadian customers
Return policy 30 days after delivery
E-mail address –
Address – unspecified
Demographic data – no
Newsletter – now available
Good – now available

Blueesashop website:

Shoppers aged 18 to 35 who love street fashion can find what they want on the site.
Blueesashop Review customers will have discounts on various programs.
Customers can contact the address via the customer’s newsletter or email to resolve any issues.
A 30 day return policy is sufficient for customers to return products.
Almost all company policies can be found on various websites.

Problems with the Blueesashop website

This site is only four months old. The new era is a sign that the site is controversial.
There is no address or contact information for the owner on the company website.
A low level of trust will raise suspicion of this online clothing store network.

Is Blueesashop legit?

Blueesashop’s website has some questionable features like poor security and tender age. It is important to ensure accuracy for the convenience of the customer. Below is some more data that our research team has collected on Blueesashop.

The position is four months (September 8, 2021).
Alexa Rank: The website’s Alexa rank is 3,084,874, which indicates low traffic.
Information about the owner. This website does not contain any confidential information.
Domain Expiration Date: This domain expires in September 2021. It is short-lived.
Trust Score: Blueesashop reviews have determined that this site has a trust score of 1%. A low confidence level means this page is questionable.
Social media presence: There is a Facebook link on the clothing store website.
Opinion of the customer. Some statements can be found on the company’s website.
Plagiarism: The page content appears to have been copied.
Confidence index. Some legitimate sites have given it a 47.4% trust rating, which is low for legitimate sites.
Valid address. If you don’t have a physical address or contact information, beware of new online stores.
Payment method. Customers can only use PayPal for payment.

What are Blueesashop’s questions.

The site is still relatively new with four months of antiquity. There is not enough product analysis on a digital platform. Around 300 unique visitors visit the site every day. This website displays customer reviews on winter clothing with a 5-star rating.

There are no reviews for this product on this page. I searched for popular review sites.

Final Decision:

It is difficult for consumers to shop online if there are no real buyer reviews. Blueesashop Review warns online shoppers to be careful when shopping at a clothing store and advises them to consider all reasonable factors.


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