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Binkart Low Review (March) Is it legal or scandalous? >> Recipes shares details of new e-commerce sites to help customers make the right purchase.

Are you looking for a trusted virtual store with popular products? Do you want to buy cheap items for your daily use? Visit your new e-commerce site, This site offers a wide range of popular products at reasonable prices.

This website is the main interactive platform between buyers and sellers, connecting buyers and sellers for direct selling. As a result, Indian consumers receive their products directly from the seller, without any intermediaries. This allows retailers to keep prices low.

What is Bingkart com?

Bingkart com is a new e-commerce site that offers a wide range of popular items, including electronic equipment, clothing, accessories, health and beauty products, and more. The website domain name is registered in India and acts as a secure platform for buyer-seller relationships.

The site has a convenient interface that makes it easy to navigate through the different product categories. High yield products come with clear descriptions and illustrations, making shopping easier. Moreover, buyers buy directly from sellers without any intermediaries, so they can search for products and buy at lower prices.

According to Bingkart com, the store’s customer support comes directly from the seller. It helps marketers to find potential buyers for their products and lower their prices. Therefore, is in a mutually beneficial position for both the seller and the buyer.


Website URL
Product categories include electronic equipment, fashion accessories, apparel, and health and beauty products.
Domain registration date – October 18, 2018 (193 and 2 years old)
Email Support –
Customer Service Number – Merchant Customer Service
Shipping and Processing – All seller orders take 2 business days to process and are usually shipped from the seller’s warehouse.
Refunds and Returns – According to Bingkartcom reviews, orders can only be canceled prior to shipment. Orders can be exchanged or refunded within 15 days for a full refund. Refunds will be processed within 3 working days and refunded to the original payment method
Community presence cannot be used.
Address -529, Rahija Organization, Ambala Chandigarh Expressway, Zirakpur, Punjab, 140603, India

Advantages of Bingkartcom

There are different products.
Products come directly from the supplier.
Prices are available for all products.
According to Bingkart com, the site has an easy refund and refund policy.
There are product descriptions and photos.
Buyers can buy any product from the seller and pay directly without an intermediary.

Bingkartcom Cons

There are no reviews for websites or products.
Page loading speed is very slow.
Some products are not refundable.
The owner’s name or number is not listed.

Bingkart com legal or scam?

We evaluated this site and found many reasons to consider it suspicious.

The website domain name was registered 2 years ago and is missing from Bingkartcom review.
This site has a reliability score of 60%, but there is no evaluation to confirm its validity.
This site is not active on social networks.
Product pages do not load and web pages load very slow
The title looks suspicious. It’s more like a home address than a business address.
We consider this site suspicious for the following reasons:

Bingkartcom Customer Reviews

We did not find any reviews or comments from online shoppers because we rated them as mentioned by Mentionedokar. We found a video review with comments. These comments are from customers who have ordered the product but have not yet received it.

There are no ratings or answers, so readers will have to wait for a discussion from an actual customer.

as a result of acts as an interactive platform for buyers and sellers as well as an e-commerce site where customers can purchase popular products.

It gives buyers a platform to connect with sellers and buy products instantly for free. Therefore, customers can count on low prices for products.

But there are no reviews on Bingkartcom.


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