What is a “ship light”? Why is the game popular? Read the blog below for the latest updates of the day.
Take your seat because we are finally here with the latest viral MMRPG updates. Find what? Yes, we will see the missing chest today in this article.

This multiplayer game will make its fans angry after the latest update. USA, Canada, etc. International fans around the world are raving about the first major update, a new story. Let’s explore and be the light of the lost ship

About the game:

Lost Ark is an isometric 2.5D multiplayer dream RPG. It was first delivered on December 4, 2019. The game is basically distributed and created by Smilegate. In the wake of delivering Japanese and Korean variants, this staggered Korean game was as of late delivered in English.

After its release, it caught the attention of gamers. And over time it became very popular in foreign countries like Germany, Brazil. The English version is free and released on March 10, 2022 with major updates.

Long live the lost light – read more:

According to current information, this latest update brings a new ending for experienced players. A new quest has also been added that should focus on Kadan’s story to make it more predictable. In the Kadan Stories section of the endgame content, players will need to complete a few more missions to unlock them.

This new Kadan mission conquers the gaming world with rich graphics and stunning cinematic moments. Moreover, history is another reason for its popularity. He is more handsome and attractive.

How to play Be Let Lost Ark Light?

Below you will find the details of the unlocking process for this new Kadan quest. The first and most important thing you need to know is that you need to solve other problems. Requirements for this final task:

  • This Jorn adventure quest can only be found in The Great Keep after completing the Last Report quest.
  • “The Beginning of Our Story” is another quest you’ll find on Whispering Isle. But even here you have to go through more than 50 levels and complete the quest “In sound”.
  • In “Illusory Bamboo Island” you will find the “End of Trials” in the adventure quest Long Live the Lost Light. However, you must complete the Trial of Shandi: Path of Courage to get it.

Note Above are the search lists; To get it, you need to complete Kadan’s final task.


After the release of the English version, the game received a lot of feedback from international players, especially from the UK. According to sources, the game will feature new stories and missions that will drive players crazy. So, if you have any question about Lost Arc Light, write it in the comment box.


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