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Do you like casual games and action on Android, iOS, Windows and Steam platforms? Do you know the Stumble Guys multiplayer trends in Chile, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia? Did you know that Stumble Guys can play up to 32 players at once? Did you know that only one winner can survive at the end of the game?

Now let’s check the availability and review of Apkteca. Com drop wong.

I found is an independent website that provides import links for acclaimed Android games. Stumble Guys fans are looking for a free game installation. Unfortunately, Stumble Guys is not available on provides a direct import link that contains a ZIP file containing 4 or more independent .apk files that are compatible with other applications from Stumble Guys. This is not suitable for device or file users.

Male imports are down:

Stumble Guys can be downloaded for free and on demand from the Google Play Store. However, players prefer to install Stumble Guys from a third -party website to provide Apkteca with a hacked mod. Com Stumble Guys. This allows players to use a variety of skins and positions that sell for $ 0.99 to $ 4.99 in the legal version.

Stumble Guys Features:

Stumble Guys was released on October 7, 2021 and last updated on March 28, 2022. Installed by over 100 million Android users. This game is also included in the category of “Indie Games” or “Platform” on Windows operating systems.

The latest version of version 0.37 includes a new paint splash map, daily changes, new prizes, four new skins, tournaments and more, and is available to Apple Store users. However, Apkteca. There are no game files on the ComStumbleGuys site.

In various levels and game modes, players have to run from higher platforms on the ground. If a character falls, the character dies and the game continues in multiplayer mode until they reach the finish line and win.

Race to the finish line! This mode includes the following levels:

Climb the canyon
Push rotation,.
The box arrives.
Autumn is humble,.
gender change.
Metsarull, 1999.
The height of the ice.
Super slide,.
Tall and bearded
Space race,.
See Rush, 1999.
Some temples,
Spray paint.

Don’t get caught! pharmacy. Status Com Stumble Guys:

Running block, 1.1.
Honey arrives
Laser tracker.
Command phase modes include:
The rocket was furious
Football misses.

Rare skins for The Falling Man:

Normal skin.
Rare skin.
Rare skin.
Spectacular skin,.
With legendary skin
Special leather.

Conclusion: was registered in the United States on September 21, 2021 and September 21, 2023. 60% of cases. uses the HTTPS protocol for security. The IP address has an SSL certificate that is valid for the next 85 days. However, looks like a scam because it is not licensed to provide information about genuine game developers.

There is a pharmacy. Do Com Stumble Guys have a message? This article refers to


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