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Moras is a judge who was rejected by Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court. He knew that he had done many other jobs in this court. He also holds a PhD in Public Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of São Paulo. Moras is also an associate professor at USP.

Morast has often been criticized for his involvement in various government-related matters. More about Alexandre de Moras Cabello Com.

Alexandre de Moras Cabello’s .Com website:

Alexandre De Moraes Cabelo.Com URL does not exist. Many on the Internet are still searching for information about Mora and more information about his website.

His support for various businessmen, politicians and bloggers may depend on his recent decisions and legislation, according to online sources. In September 2022, Moras canceled the tax exemption. His actions are often criticized.

Alexandre de Moras Cabello Com recently asked;

In Brazil, taxes on industrial products have been significantly reduced to 35% to stimulate trade. Solidariedade, pela bancada do Amazonas filed a lawsuit against ADI in May ADI argued that direct action was unconstitutional.

Solidaridad and Bancada do Amazonas said the tax cuts would eliminate tax incentives for companies located in Manaus’ “free zone.”

Tax cuts on most goods have been reversed as tax loopholes have been removed. It also includes quality services and products in more than 170 ways. This includes cooling. Look. The treasure is a razor. battery heaters. lamp.

Alexander de Moras persuaded Cabello Com;

The government proposed the conclusion of new financial and budget agreements. Moras believes that these transactions will not lead to profitability for the company in Manaus.

Moras Fake News Laws;

False allegations and personal attacks have been made on social media against members and judges of the state Supreme Court.


The defense affected the jury’s credibility and confidence. Moras commissioned related investigations that eventually exposed Attorney General Toffoli’s involvement in the scandal. Moras ordered the removal of false information from the Internet and an investigation into unauthorized listings. Moras ordered Telegram shut down to protect accounts spreading fake news. And Alexandre de Moras Cabello Com became the target of fake news

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