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Have you ever seen a police attack? Do you know someone who was tortured by the police because of you? Maybe not! But we are here to tell you about the tragic accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Profile.

This event forced many to relax in the land of dreams. This Albuquerque Police Burning Child article answers your question. Stay in this position until the end.

How do children become victims?

About two weeks ago, during an invasion, a SWAT (Special Weapons & Tactics) officer attacked a home with tear gas. During the attack, a man named Brett Rosnow died from inhaling the gas.

According to online sources, there are actually similar cases. This encourages people to stop talking about such things.

Did the Albuquerque police plan in advance to burn a child?

According to online sources, baby Brett Rossino’s death was definitely not an accident or intentional. In typical police terminology, this was a form of collateral damage.

Here we talk about the life of an innocent child from his parents. A strong person cannot hold the mistakes of others hostage. As a US citizen, you may be wondering if this is supposed to happen. could be your answer. Another question you might have is why this particular episode was cut.

Why did the Albuquerque police let the child live?

The above question might be easy for some people but it might be for others. There are many reasons for worshiping the latter, some obvious and others requiring explanation. ants

First, the media must report impartially on all events affecting people’s lives.
Second, according to available information, the victim, Brett Rosenau, is a member of the African American community and he is a member of the black race. Lately we’ve all witnessed the national uproar of the Black Lives Matter movement. There is no questioning the Albuquerque Police Department’s policy of “bleeding a child alive.”
Some say police shot the boy on suspicion of assault. However, no official medical data has been found to support this view.

Final idea:

In short, there is no doubt that this event is a tragedy for our loved ones and a tragedy for all of us. The government should investigate and learn lessons from this case.


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