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Have you seen the 2013 cult film TSA America: Relax? Do you know the star Philip Schneider? You may know him best as a businessman and actor, as well as a director, producer, writer and horror duo with actress Hilary Swank. Schneider and Swank have recently made headlines in Canada and Australia, the US, the Netherlands, Australia and the UK.

Keep reading to find out why the couple made the news, as well as other interesting facts related to Philip Schneider’s age.

How old is Philip Schneider?

The talented actor, producer, writer and entrepreneur was born in 1973, which means he is now 49 years old. Although he does not talk much about his personal life, he is known as a businessman by profession. Now Hilary Swank has announced that she and Philip Schneider are expecting twins. The couple got married two years ago in 2018.

Philip Schneider on Wikipedia

Philip was born in California and California, USA and is a White Caucasian American citizen. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin. He also starred in films such as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri with Marley and Me. An accomplished director and producer, he turned professional in 1987. He started his career as an assistant producer on Campus Man. Read on to find out how old Philip Schneider is.

Read more about Hilary Swank’s wedding

Hilary Swank is a famous American actress and producer. She was previously married to famous actor Chad Lowe. She later meets Philippe at an awkward meeting between Jean-Vickey and Jean-Vickey’s friends. After dating for almost two years, they got married on the same day, May 18, 2018, in Carmel, California. The couple now lives in a $1 million mansion in California. Continue reading the report to know more about Hilary Swank’s marriage.


Philip Schneider and Hilary Swank are expecting twins and have made headlines worldwide. The couple, both celebrities, got married in 2018 shortly after meeting. Learn more about their personal lives here.

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