Read our review of billing verification codes that aren’t available anywhere else. You will also learn how to prevent hunting.

Did you know that AfterPay is a great alternative to credit cards that you can use both online and in-store? Did you know that AfterPay is a multinational corporation? In other countries it is called Clear Pay. AfterPay is the first Australian BNPL app launched in Australia.

There are currently around 19.6 million users worldwide. So scammers target users with postpaid verification codes.

Code information after verification:

Afterpay provides an incomplete and secure payment method without user confirmation of payment. AfterPay is a mobile app for Android and iOS, available online on Windows platforms.

As Gool uses more smartphones, it is useful to send SMS codes to AfterPay. In addition, AfterPay can automatically read the verification code you receive without having to enter the code manually.

Afterpay facilitates payments immediately after using mobile technology and SMS. I’m curious as to why AfterPay recently sent a verification code without asking or questioning. Also, a verification code was sent to a mobile phone number that was not registered in AfterPay. This indicates fraud.

User experience:

Typically, these verification code scammers will call the number they received the code from and contact customer service to get the code. However, according to more than 200 blog posts, users did not receive a call asking for a verification code.

At this time, it’s not clear what he will do after he leaves. Some users ignore SMS.

Receive Postpaid Payment Confirmation Report:

Some users have contacted AfterPay customer support with the verification code they received. The customer support team told several users that their accounts were not registered with AfterPay.

As a precaution, the phone company has recommended that you block the use of the number and call the local government to start an investigation.

AfterPay verification codes cannot be used to access AfterPay users’ bank accounts. This is because the verification code is used to confirm the purchase. Therefore, the postpaid verification code obtained is not related to the AfterPay user’s access to the bank account.

No hunting:

If you suspect your account has been hacked, don’t forget to check your email address and make your purchases online or offline. Second, don’t use public Wi-Fi. Third, you need to update your AfterPay account password.


If you received an AfterPay verification code but do not have an AfterPay account, please notify your carrier. Because the data breach wasn’t due to AfterPay. Thousands of unregistered numbers have received postpaid verification codes. Scammers prefer to abuse BNPL software, so if you are an AfterPay registered user, report it to your local government and AfterPay Customer Support Center.


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