Find out what happened to actor Luis Gutierrez Manuel and his crew during the filming of “The Wedding Night.”

Want to know what happened to the cast of Wedding Night? Want to know why Luis Gutierrez Manuel has been in the news lately? Read on to know more about actor Luis Gutierrez Manuel and the reasons behind this internet trend.

The actor’s tragic death has disappointed many fans around the world. Continue reading to learn more.

Information about the tragic accident in which the actors were involved

The two actors, Luis Manuel Gutierrez and Marco Antonio Curiel, stopped filming for the movie “Wedding Night”. One of the actors, Marco Antonio, lost his life in a tragic accident, while opposite actor Luis Gutierrez disappeared.

Actor Louis, the United Nations agency was forty-seven and the late actor Marco Square was forty-six. The actor managed to survive as a United Nations agency trying to save his family from the Pacific tsunami. The missing actor is Luis Manuel, best known for his work in the series Banderola (2011). It was an addition to the 2011 crew, There Be Dragons. He appeared in the 1983 television miniseries Los Delaveresastres de la Guerra.

What happened to actor Luis Manuel Gutierrez Saldana?

Unfortunately, the website does not provide much information about Luis Manuel’s disappearance. Luis and Marco departed on a weekday afternoon from their session on Majahuel Island, found in San Miguel del Puerto.

According to local authorities, a group of friends decided to swim. One of his companions was killed when a huge wave came towards them. Opposite actor Lewis is missing. The Navy is still searching for the missing actor.

What are Marco Antonio and Luis Manuel’s online trends?

Both actors were unfortunately concerned about the semiconductor diode, which became a popular topic on the Internet. One of the actors, Marco Antonio, has died, but Luis Manuel is still missing after being swept away by strong waves off the coast of Oaxaca.

The team members have sent their condolences to the actor’s family. Navy officials are still investigating missing actor Luis Manuel. The incident was called off and a third accomplice was found safe.


According to the producers, Luis GutiƩrrez Manuel and Marco Antonio experienced a tragic accident that caused the entire crew to crash. The crew mourns the death of Marco Antonio.

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